Does Paola Zara sing without underwear in her concerts? images capture everything

Paola Jara has become one of the most recognizable singers in the genre known as popular.

The 39-year-old from Antioquia has demonstrated that he has the necessary talent to be one of the most attractive voices not only in this type of sound, but in Colombian music in general.

In addition, Paola is often in the public eye for her relationship with popular music singer Jessie Uribe. Ever since they started their relationship, many comments have been generated. There are those who say that Jesse left his ex-wife Sandra Barrios in order to have something to do with Paola and there are even those who have rumored that the two singers are already in a relationship. Was.

Further there are many people who criticize her because they say that she has undergone many surgeries and hence she looks the way she is. While others spend their time filling their social networks with praise for the photos and videos they share, the latter has caused concern among one of his followers, who posted one of his pictures It is written in: “Can they sing without the cuckoo?”

In such a situation, after seeing some photos and videos, the fan was questioned in which Paola is in a concert. Her body is covered in a very tight dress and no traces of her underwear are visible. However, he was not the only one who commented about her wardrobe.

Others wrote phrases such as: “I like how they dress her”

“Everything Looks Beautiful On This Woman”, “You Can Wear Whatever You Want”

“Each outfit more luxurious than the last”.

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