Domelipa: 3 microbikinis with which she paralyzed the networks

Domelipa is a girl from Monterreymore than 60 million followers on tiktok And he has over 20 million loyal fans on his official Instagram profile, who love creating content to be their fandom. One of the hottest trending Mexican influencers and that all brands want to work photos videos or competitions.

Domelipa’s Success also repeats in Instagramwhere he has 20.2 million followers, including personalities Patty Cantu, Dhanna Paola And also Carlos Alcaraz, the No. 1 tennis player in the world today. for his part, He has 4.53 million fans subscribed to his channel on YouTube, The young royal has also managed to land deals with sponsors such as Adidas and has his own clothing business.

Domelipa is popular on TikTok. Photo: Instagram @domelipa

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Domelipa has become a fashion icon on TikTok

Beautiful celebrated her 21st birthday 8 weeks ago domelipa she pampered herself beautifully by buying luxury car, this is the model of Porsche 718 Boxster GTS in gray and convertible, According to Domelipa, this powerful machine had always been “the car of his dreams” and now his million-dollar earnings from creating content on social networks could afford him one.

Domelipa loves bikini. Photo: Instagram @domelipa

originally from the city Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Domelipa She is a 21 year old girl who has gained national and international relevance on various social networks but Tiktok is the one which stands out the most for her funny videos which shows her lifestyle and has become a fashion icon by wearing the most popular clothes . Bikinis are in trend, as are classic colors like black or very tight pink tones that highlight your impressive figure.

Photos of Domelipa on Instagram

Domelipa walks along a beach. Photo: Instagram @domelipa
Domelipa has millions on Tiktok. Photo: Instagram @domelipa
Domelipa loves to take selfies. Photo: Instagram @domelipa

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