Dragon Ball Proved Goku’s God Level Power With One Cameo

Dragon Ball Proved Goku’s God Level Power: We all know how Goku strives to be the strongest person in every fight, pushing his body to its limits in order to achieve extraordinary power. It is common knowledge that Goku has lately attained a level of power comparable to the strongest gods in the Dragon Ball universe, but he actually attained god-tier power long before the events of Dragon Ball Super, as evidenced by one particularly funny cameo.

Dragon Ball Proved Goku's God Level Power With One Cameo
Dragon Ball Proved Goku’s God Level Power With One Cameo

When Goku first saw Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction in his universe, in the current Dragon Ball Super continuity, he was introduced to a level of cosmic power that he had never idea was even conceivable. Lord Beerus confronts Goku in the first chapter of Dragon Ball Super after seeing a Super Saiyan God in a dream. Following their first encounter, Goku and the other Z Fighters perform a rite to free Goku from his Super Saiyan God potential, enabling him to undergo the transformation.

After experiencing heavenly energy for the first time, Goku swiftly transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. At this point, Goku is by far the strongest he has ever been and is using the angelic strength of Ultra Instinct. Despite the fact that Goku’s new power level is remarkable, he has long been at least as powerful as a god.

Goku and the Z Fighters find themselves in one of the most trying circumstances of their life in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball chapter 322. Goku is unsure of his ability to defeat Frieza before the entire planet beneath him explodes, King Kai and the deceased Z Fighters are devising a plan to save everyone that involves using two sets of Dragon Balls and pure dumb luck, and Frieza has just set the entirety of Planet Namek to detonate in less than five minutes. However, before readers are plunged into that nerve-wracking chapter, the first page transports them to a beautiful area of Earth far from the carnage and devastation of Planet Namek, where Yajirobe is relaxing by a fire and having a delicious supper he made for himself. I wonder what Goku is doing right now, Yajirobe muses to himself while he chews.

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Yajirobe is blissfully ignorant of the chaos Goku and the other Z Fighters are experiencing as they battle to end the world, which is what makes this Dragon Ball chapter so funny to readers. Aside from being funny, this also helps the audience see how far Goku has progressed throughout the series as a whole. When Yajirobe first appeared, Goku was still struggling to defeat King Piccolo’s henchmen but Yajirobe’s strength was on par with Goku’s. This was demonstrated when Yajirobe killed one of the minions with a single slash of his sword. In this chapter, Goku is engaged in a battle that is ostensibly killing an entire planet with each blow, while Yajirobe—the guy who was once at least as strong as Goku—is stuffing his face on the other side of the galaxy, unable to aid Goku and the others even if he tried.

While a Super Saiyan at the first level is obviously nowhere like as powerful as a God of Destruction, it is nevertheless a transformation with more strength than a number of other gods from the Dragon Ball mythology, including Kami, Korin, and King Kai. This suggests that Goku has been using god-tier strength for a long time, something that Yajirobe’s amusing Dragon Ball cameo underscored.

So we can conclude that Goku has god-level powers and strength inside his body since many times, but he is unaware of this until he transforms into Super Saiyan mode. The ability of the Saiyans to push their bodies to extreme conditions helps them use their energy. 

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