Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75: God of Destruction Power And More Read Here

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75: So here you will read what happened in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, where you will get to know that Vegeta, with the help of Lord Beerus, gets a new transformation, which is Ultra Ego. As we also know, Chapter 75 will be released on August 18, 2021. So we are giving you some spoilers in this article. For more, read the full article below.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75: God of Destruction Power And More Read Here
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75: God of Destruction Power And More Read Here (Image Credit: Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou

Alert: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, written by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook, and Brandon Bovia, is currently available in English through Viz Media. The following article contains some spoilers.

Manga NameDragon Ball Super Chapter 75
Chapter NumberDragon Ball Super Chapter 75
Release DateAugust 18, 2021
Written ByAkira Toriyama
Art ByToyotarou

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Introduces Vegeta’s New Form: Ultra Ego

Vegeta bragged about having “unbounded” power at the end of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74. Granolah initially doesn’t understand what this implies, but a powerful energy outburst reveals that Vegeta is much more powerful than before. “Get ready for a dose of my rough love,” the Saiyan Prince commands his opponent as he charges forward, grabbing him by the scarf.

Vegeta does in fact show Granolah some of his rough love. The hero starts hurling Granola across Planet Cereal, demonstrating that he has significantly increased his power. The Saiyan, who asserts, “The hotter my fighting soul burns, the stronger I grow,” is unfazed despite Granolah’s attempts to hit Vegeta.

Vegeta And Granolah Intense Fight In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75

Vegeta keeps getting hit, yet he always recovers stronger. Soon after, he moves the battle to the ruins of a Cerealian city, severely damaging what is left of Granolah’s cultural heritage. After a brief discussion on what a God of Destruction is, Vegeta reveals that his fight with Granolah has given him access to a new, natural power. The Saiyan proves to be too much for Granolah as he then attempts to blast Vegeta with a series of energy blasts.

Granolah realizes that his opponent’s metamorphosis is distinct from Goku’s yet he is first baffled as to why Vegeta isn’t even bothering to block Granolah’s punches. Vegeta warns against equating his pitiful method with mine. “I am nothing but ego, but Kakarrot’s body may have a mind of its own. Consider referring to this as Ultra Ego.” As a result, Vegeta’s new transformation has a name: Ultra Ego. Sincerity be damned, he might have wanted to work on that one a little.

Granolah Steps Up in Battle with Vegeta: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75:Granolah Steps Up in Battle with Vegeta
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75:Granolah Steps Up in Battle with Vegeta

The final Cerealian shows his rage at losing to a Saiyan before he can reach Freeza after Vegeta dropkicks Granolah through his shield. However, Vegeta goes on to say that Freeza also exterminated the Saiyans and that he doesn’t share his dislike for the antagonist. Granolah continues to battle despite Vegeta’s obvious attempts to persuade him to stop. Granolah will continue to seek retribution against the Saiyans even if Vegeta is telling the truth.

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Vegeta punts Granolah into the air as he attempts to hit the Saiyan. Oatmeel, the artificial intelligence hidden inside Granolah’s eye patch, tries to persuade him to quit fighting from atop one of the collapsed buildings. Granolah, however, just discards Oatmeel and claims he is no longer needed. Later, Oatmeel is picked up by Granolah’s ship, which takes off. As a result, it appears as though their romance is over—at least temporarily. This also carries on Granolah’s tendency to harm those who are closest to him in his quest for retribution.

Granolah begins tossing parts of the Cerealian ruins towards Vegeta as he becomes aware that he will need to alter his approach if he hopes to defeat the villain. Vegeta begins fighting again after realizing that nothing will stop Granolah from following his course. Several lethal blows are traded between the two. Goku stands up and notices the conflict as it is unfolding. Vegeta appears to be losing some of his earlier strength, while Granolah is beginning to get the hang of combat, as the Saiyan notices. Goku then tries to heal himself, knowing that he will be needed soon. 

Vegeta and Granolah’s Battle Turns Out Bad

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75: Vegeta and Granolah's Battle Turns Out Bad
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75: Vegeta and Granolah’s Battle Turns Out Bad

Vegeta launches a flurry of energy attacks at Granolah, but as a result of “taking far too much damage,” his vision begins to blur. Granolah, however, isn’t quite ready to concede and is aiming his finger guns at Vegeta in an effort to destroy the Saiyan with an energy blast. Then, Vegeta makes the decision to end the conflict quickly and launches an energy ball that is intended to destroy the planet. The energy ball is struck by Granolah’s blasts, which cause a tremendous explosion that trembles the entire planet.

After the commotion has subsided, Granolah is still standing, and Vegeta is on the floor. Granolah berates his opponent, “I have to thank you, Saiyan.” “It’s up to you to use this power of mine,” the man said. Vegeta’s conflict with Granolah has thus likely come to an end, even though he may still be conscious and alive. Vegeta has suffered yet another defeat as a result of his opponent’s outpacing him once more.

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Vegeta does not, however, go down in defeat to Granolah in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75. The Heeters are still searching for the Dragon Balls elsewhere on Planet Cereal. The evil organization that duped Granolah into fighting Goku and Vegeta wants the Dragon Balls for an evil purpose, though it is not yet clear what that evil purpose is. It appears very likely that even if the three combatants prevail in their conflict, they will soon have to deal with the Heeters and whatever power-up they receive from the Dragon Balls.

Despite my desire to see Vegeta battle a little bit more in that state, this was a good chapter overall. When Vegeta was forced to fail due to his own, admitted weakness, it appeared to be a ruse. I will mention that, in my opinion, the following manga won’t spend much time on Cereal, and Piccolo or Gohan may take the initiative to defeat the Heeters on Earth.

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