Super Hero Blu-ray Shares New Take on Beast Gohan

Super Hero Blu-ray Shares New Take on Beast Gohan
Super Hero Blu-ray Shares New Take on Beast Gohan

Super Hero Blu-ray Shares New Take on Beast Gohan:This year saw the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which made Gohan well-known. The Saiyan has stayed to himself since his significant victory over Cell years ago, and he has spent the previous few years with his family. Naturally, the most recent anime film put all of that in peril when Gohan’s daughter was coerced into a Red Ribbon Army plot. With the aid of a new transformation, Gohan was able to win his daughter back, and we’ve now been given a fresh look at his Beast form!

As you can see in the image below, Toei Animation provided the artwork for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s Blu-ray. Fans rushed to open the cases of the extras as soon as the movie reached the stores in Japan. Beast Gohan was depicted on the concept art sheets that were included in the Blu-ray set as promised.

Of course, this photograph reveals something intriguing. It was all computer generated animation when we first saw Beast Gohan in the movies, but that is not the case in this instance. Initially, the concept art for the design was created by hand. Therefore, the moment has arrived for you to see what Beast Gohan might look like without the CG shine!

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Fans openly confess they prefer this portrayal of Gohan than the one from the movie, despite the fact that the shape appears grandiose on this sheet. Netizens often prefer the 2D look of the anime, despite the fact that Dragon Ball Super did a fantastic job with its CG animation. So, if the anime ever brings back this shape, we hope it is done in this flat manner.

Fans of Dragon Ball were undoubtedly shown many designs in addition to this one. To begin, Orange Piccolo and Cell Max’s artwork was featured on the Blu-ray. The release date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero on home video in the United States is currently unknown, but it should be announced soon. For now, keep checking ComicBook for any updates on the movie’s Blu-ray release.


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