Dua Lipa and Romain Gavras made their relationship public on the red carpet at Cannes

singer dua lipa (27) and film director Romain Gavras (41) made their relationship public by walking the red carpet together this Saturday Cannes Film Festival,

For several months, some media had been speculating about a possible romance between the two after being spotted together at different events, the last one being Paris Fashion Week.

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Now, the British and French have unleashed speculation, love and collusion in Cannes. The couple couldn’t stop exchanging glances and caressing as they passed by photographers.

Romain Gavras directed films like Athena And the world is Ours As well as music videos by Kanye West or Jay-Z. On the love side, he had a short relationship with fellow singer Rita Ora.

Loic Venance

For its part, the last romance known to be Dua Lipa was a Relationship with Anwar HadidBrother of popular models Bella and Gigi, whom he had been dating for two years.

daughter of Kosovar Albanian immigrants London based, composer of hits like Leverage was raised by example a working family, His father, Dukajin Liepa, was a singer and guitarist. band of rock psalms, a group that enjoyed Moderate success in Kosovo in the late 90s and who had to leave to find a better life in the United Kingdom, where he obtained a job Producer of concerts. Instead, he began studying a career in marketing.

Too His mother, Anesa Lipa, took advantage of her exile to work as a waitress and specialize in a tourism career. He was trained in law in his country, until Bosnian War And border disputes urged the family to give up everything. “I have seen my parents work everyday of my life. When I went to school, he also studied. I believe in that romantic side of fate, but above all, in hard work”The new rules of his time were explained to the artist.

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