Elle Capetillo talks with her boyfriend about her true reaction to Bibi Gayton and Eduardo Capetillo

alejandra capitello She returned to Mexico faster than planned, but this time she didn’t do it alone, as she was accompanied by her boyfriend Nader Shouri, whom he finally introduced to his parents Bibi Gayan and Eduardo Capetillo. Before this expected meeting, many of his fans started asking him what happened and how his family reacted, the Influencer did not hesitate to tell the truth about what he thinks about his partner.

It was through his stories on his Instagram account that he Daughter Did Former member of Timbiriche He did a dynamic where he put up a “question box” and there his fans asked him questions about first meeting between her boyfriend and her parents, who already knew about their relationship and knew him through video calls, but had not had the opportunity to be together. The fashion influencer also indicated that this was the question that was repeated the most, so she decided to answer it.

This is how Bibi Gayton and Eduardo reacted to meeting their daughter’s boyfriend

The blogger and celebrity daughter revealed to her 507,000 followers on the meta platform that Her parents accepted her lover very well, andThey know what makes them happy. “The question of the century, as it is, is the question of the century. They love him, that’s all I have to say. they love it because Nader is a great, great, great guy, He is listening to me, I am growing his beard so that he stops complaining that I am speaking loudly. They love him very much, because after all I am happy with him, And beyond that, he is a great person as a person, we love him”, he highlighted.

Later, there was another question “What face did your father make” On meeting his Lebanese partner, with whom he has been in a relationship for a year. Although he said that this era was also one of the unknowns that had been repeated the most, he did not say anything about it, leaving the question of when Edward Capetillo Finally able to see straight ahead Nader Shouri, Who is a man who is 13 years older than his young daughter.

A few months back an entertainment magazine had assured that Eduardo Capetillo and Bibi Gayan Were against the relationship between his daughter and her Lebanese lover, because they did not want her to be with an older man and give up her business objectives to marry him, as it was said that she so in love with her partner that she was thinking of walking down the aisleHowever, first he had to change the religion of islamsomething that his parents were not allowing.

Ali didn’t want to answer how Eduardo Capetillo reacted Photo: Screenshot

Alle Capetillo denied this information and assured that his parents They don’t prevent her from living with Nadir, Because they met him through video call. Apparently her statements are genuine, because according to the young woman, her family She got along very well with her boyfriend. with whom he visited some places Mexico City, Now that she’s in the country because this Saturday, February 25, she’ll be attending one of her best friends’ weddings.

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