‘Eres To’ on Netflix Proves Spanish Romantic Comedies Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Hollywood

    What genre puts you in a better mood than a romantic comedy? There is no better optimistic pill to lift the mood of the audience; It is an opportunity to free yourself from obligations and let yourself go with a love story and free laughter, in and out of it.

    no one doubts that ROM coms Be a reference within the seventh art, enjoying its perfection between the 90s and the 2000s. It may be featured in the best romantic comedy in the history of cinema. We all know the scheme: antagonisms that become pure attraction, coincidences that become “magical moments,” unique flings between lovers, hilarious scenes… the conventions that the big screen has taught us about the idea of ​​love. that sometimes collide with reality and that it has been difficult for us to assimilate that this was fiction, as Mickey Asperbe, star of ‘Smiley’ so well told us, a series that ROM coms. “It’s a style that has done a lot of damage, because it really put expectations on us of what loving relationships should be like, which is where we all ended up in therapy because we found that it wasn’t like that.“, he joked. Carlos Cuevas, co-star of the series, admitted that his generation, next to Asperbe, is not as nourished by romantic comedies as previous ones, but they have a very distinctive style, and it means Not that it was discovered later.

    Because the method is in the service of all. Without going any further, you can watch the best romantic comedies on Netflix to find these types of stories. Previously it seemed that the said genre was a product made in USA, or at least something typically Anglo-Saxon, and any desire to create a romantic comedy outside of that plan, as the general public knows it, was an almost futile effort. For the record, indie love stories are a genre that is more open to all nationalities and result in as good or better results than more popular love stories. MainstreamWhich are more easily found beyond the confines of Hollywood.


    but let’s go back Romantic comedy, a genre that is sometimes difficult for us to accept, we love and enjoy, Never mind the sugar rush, we already have real life to lower glucose afterward… When the genre seems inherent to the American film industry, examples emerge that contradict this pattern.

    Let’s see the summary ‘It’s You’, the new title coming to Netflix and one of the films coming to the platform in 2023, Javi is a boy who has the gift of seeing what his life as a couple is going to be like with the first kiss. In this way he gets rid of many headaches, but he also fails to get the love of his life. Everything changes when he accidentally kisses Lucia, with whom he imagines a happy future together as a couple. There’s only one problem: Lucia is his best friend’s girlfriend.

    Firstly, the credit for this argument can be given to Hollywood. Without going around too much, one can think of stars like Jack Black, Emma Stone, John Cusack or Rachel McAdams, or the minds behind the script like the Farrells or Judd Apatow. But Story written by Cristobal Garrido and Adolfo Valor‘I leave it whenever I want’ or in charge of the series ‘King of the Night’, two other samples of comedy as different as they are original.

    it's you movie netflix


    The cast stars Álvaro Cervantes, Silvia Alonso, Gorka Otxoa and Susana Abitua., the four faces that defend this plot and its characters (perhaps stereotyped, but very attractive) in a way as dedicated as their professional colleagues from the other side of the pond. behind the camera they have Alauda Ruiz de Azua, the last filmmaker to win a Goya for Best New Director for his ‘Cinco Lobitos’, The director manages well with the turn from intimate cinema to romantic genre with brilliant touch, knows how to convey the mechanism of love with the same skill as Richard Curtis in ‘A Matter of Time’.

    The public would have the Manhattan or Los Angeles areas integrated into their thoughts as regular settings for these love stories. However, here it is shown that Malasana and the center of Madrid seem equally good to tell a romance (I showed it a few years ago in ‘Don’t blame karma for what happens to you as a donkey’ ).

    ‘Ares Two’ confirms in its 95 minutes of footage that it knows how to well review the issues touched upon in the genre: the fear of commitment, the incompatibility of personalities or, of course, how much love is unexpected.

    There are already other examples in our cinema: in addition to ‘Don’t blame karma…’, ten years ago ‘Tres bodas de mas’ and its protagonist, Inma Cuesta, showed that there is nothing to envy the stories here. is from there (and the fact that weddings are always a lot of play for this style). Two years ago, ‘Loco Por Ella’ premiered on Netflix, also featuring Cervantes and Abaitua as its charismatic protagonists.

    it's you movie netflix


    And now it’s you turn. It will contain cliches we already know, but they are just as effective in Cervantes as they are in Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant or Liam Hemsworth.

    Spanish cinema’s inferiority complex is fading away, There are directors and directors who are more than capable of carrying these romantic entertainments. We also have Cervantes, Abaitua, Otxoa, Alonso, and more proper names that have the ability to make us fall in love and make us laugh as American movie stars do.,

    Spanish cinema has diversity, Action, thriller, rom-com… is anyone here to say “the same movies are still being made here”? Take a look at Goya 2023 or Spanish movies coming in 2023. If you want, of course.

    Garrido and Valor are just as inspired as on other occasions, and the actors are so amenable to the story that they make it a pleasant and amusing piece for an afternoon when the body asks for a romantic tale with laughs. And now that we are about to welcome spring.

    As a pre-teen he started buying film magazines and thus established his love for movies, blockbuster or indie films, it didn’t matter.

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