Eric Bischoff Thinks Sami Zayn Shouldn’t Win The World Title At WWE WrestleMania

The WWE Elimination Chamber came and went, with many suggesting that the company made the wrong decision in choosing Roman Reigns to defeat Sami Zayn. Eric Bischoff has since taken on the matter as well.

Despite the storyline not going the way many expected, Bischoff shared that he believes WWE made the right decision during an appearance on the “Kick Rocks” podcast. The WWE Hall of Famer elaborated on why many people believe WWE’s next main event should have been WWE WrestleMania 39, despite the fact that the timing just isn’t right.

Bischoff said, “It’s contrary to what a lot of people believe, but one of the most powerful characters on your show is a babyface who is striving to achieve something, in this case a world title.” “The value in that character isn’t getting the world title, the value in that character is the audience’s desire to see that character achieve something and be willing to go on that journey until it does. You don’t make the cut.” want to do that small.”

Bischoff believed that many of the people who wanted to see Zayn win in Montreal were people who did not understand television, calling Zayn chasing a better storyline than winning so quickly. The former WCW president heaped praise on Zayn, saying he is very happy to have the WWE Superstar on board for a long time and believes he has connected with the audience in a way that “has not been seen in the last 10-20 years”. Very few have.” Bischoff even stated that if he were in Zayn’s place, he would want to lose at Elimination Chamber because he believed that after the victory, he would have “nowhere to go”.

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