Eric Rubin breaks silence and talks for the first time about his split from Andrea Legaretta

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Eric Rubin She Finally Decided To Open Up About Her Recent Breakup andrea legareta After 22 years of marriage and the controversy that has come to the fore regarding his alleged infidelity and relationship with her Celery QuijanoOne of the founders of the Kaaba Group, with whom she is reported to have an affair.

Let us tell you that the musician and the host had announced their separation on February 22. emotional message which he shared on his social networks, in which he explained Their Relationship “Transformed” And that both have mutually decided to dissolve the marriage.

Both Rubin and Lagaretta emphasized that the reasons for their breakup were not due to love conflicts or some cloudy situation. Furthermore, he made it clear that he would always continue his family relationship centered on his daughters, My And little girl,

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What did Eric Rubin say about his split from Andrea Legaretta?

In the midst of the scandal, the singer was stopped by reporters at Mexico City International Airport, where she was questioned about the reasons for her breakup with the “Hoy” presenter.

“I think what’s in the statement is pretty clear, nothing more to say…” Rubin responded to the media.

Regarding his daughters’ reaction to the divorce, he said that they are fine as the situation has been handled with a lot of communication in the family.

“Very well. Fortunately, the truth is something we have also discussed with him at length and that’s why we are calm.”

The former Timbiriche was calm when answering questions from the media, however, he admitted that he is still painful moment For him, for which he sought respect from the press during this family moment.

“What can I tell you, guys, it’s a complicated, painful moment…”, he said.

What does Eric Rubin think about the allegations about Apio Quijano?

After Internet users recalled that a few months ago, Eric Rubin And Hector ‘El Apio’ Quijano they kissed on stage as part of the show 90s Pop TourAllegations of Rubin’s sexual orientation and alleged infidelity began to flood the network.

Faced with allegations of a possible romance between the two interpreters and that this was the reason for his breakup with Legarreta, the singer blasted against the comments and decided to clarify things in a video, in which he went on to deliver the news. troubled by It got out of hand because of rumors and fake news.

“It is clear to me that there are a lot of stupid people. What a desire to harm and defame,” he began by saying in a clip posted on his Instagram profile, on the afternoon of this Saturday, February 25.

“Hey, is that clear? I ended my marriage because I’m in a relationship with Celery now, because at one point in the show we sing to each other, we get close and we pretend to kiss … gentlemen, this is a show,” explained Rubin, who said the kiss with Quijano was done as part of the concert tour.

Plus, the ex-boyfriend of Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzman said that in his time even Appius had kissed Beni Ibarra, his former partner in Timbiriche, insisted that it was a show and nothing more. Andrea Legarreta, on the other hand, defended his former partner from attacks.

“It’s absurd. It seems to me that there are people who are very bad, very cruel, without empathy and maybe their own life story has been difficult and then they say: look how love doesn’t exist “, saying, “I respect” the community very much. [LGBTQ+], but Eric being gay is the least of all. I love celery”.


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