Erika Zapata reveals why she doesn’t have a boyfriend and isn’t interested

Erika Zapata has become a celebrity on Colombian television and social media because of her fun personality and way of reporting on Noticias Caracol. Thanks to this, she has gained many followers and viewers who know about her and her personal life, especially her partner. In the middle of an interview, she reveals that she doesn’t have a partner because they always want to take advantage of her.

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Why doesn’t Erika Zapata have a boyfriend?

Today, despite the fame of the journalist, Erica stands out for being very dedicated towards her work, hence, She confesses that she doesn’t have time for love, especially since some of the men have turned out to be bad for her.

Now, when he was at the ‘Happy Saturday’ hairdresser, he confessed that he didn’t dare to have a partner because some of the fans who wrote him only wanted one thing and they weren’t well intentioned, “Small things have appeared there, but they ask how much I earn and things like that … to feed you”, He ended by saying Zapata.

And it would not be strange, especially since they realized that the presenter is in demand professionally, therefore, Many may think that the more famous, the more money they have.

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Of course, at this time many people would like to be with Erica, but she has made it clear that she does not have time for relationships, because He is totally dedicated to his work and now more than ever they call him for interviews.

Users constantly tell him how much they admire him, Especially since he has managed to stay strong despite so many nasty comments.

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