Esther Arroyo’s Zasca after ‘humiliating’ Pablo Carbonell: who is the more music lover?

In a musical audition, as a general rule, a singer may appear to be the favorite over the actor. if it’s about ‘Way’ Of ‘Password’, everything is possible, like that spanking Esther Arroyo given to Pablo Carbonell. Three out of three! It has been crowned as the undisputed queen of the duel.

As a last chance, the guest of the Orange Team had a song from 1977. While Esther is quick with the button, although with some suspense, she has finally found the key word that is the title: ‘Go Away’. “It’s insulting”, rebuked Pablo.

The singer admitted that, as a “music lover”, the triple threat was not expected, and the actress also assured that it was somewhat unexpected… or not so much. Because he has finished with a devastating phrase for his opponent in the form of Zaska. Find out in the video!

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