Eva Longoria teaches us how to wear jeans to the office

Eva Longoria we have fallen in love using blue jeans More perfect for going to the office, so be inspired by his offer to use it for the next few weeks. Remember that there are clothes in your closet that can help you put it together. Elegant and comfortable dress.

when we thought jeans Of denim They were a thing of the past, we only recently found out that they are still our closet darlings. The good news is that the gorgeous actress shows us the best way to combine them to create another look. Complex,

Eva Longoria models jean pants that give off the perfect butt

via his instagram account famous person He has shared some pictures of his outfit from Saturday. this time he added three basic clothing that you must have at home; blue jeans to the waist, T-shirt dark And black blazer Cutting oversized, Together they will work great for a presentable look, however, you can assemble them separately infinity of looks like,

Eva Longoria models jean pants that give off the perfect bum. Photo: I.G.

Ways to Wear Jeans to Look Taller and Slimmer

white shirt with jeans

We love how the fusion of blue tones looks! We recommend that you play with this color to make it into a model jacket and pants, Don’t forget to gift the balance with a white shirtExcept for neutral shoes.

Ways to Wear Jeans to Look Taller and Slimmer. Photo: @martavidaurreta

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elephant leg pants

Other deductions already known (and agreed) to apply this year jeans Wide footed the best way to use them high boots And a printed jacket,

Elephant leg pants. Photo: @mpombor

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