“Everything I live, I live for him and for him”

To find out their scores the picture of the last two contestants is replayed, Rosa López and Marilo Monteiro fighting for victory in the first semi-final of ‘El Desafio’.

After the incredible apnea of ​​the singer in the final trial, on this occasion the three tens of juries go to Marilo Montero for her sacrifice in the trial, the star of the program. An excited competitor applauds the evaluations of Pilar Rubio, Juan del Val and Santiago Segura.

Amidst tears, Marilo Monteiro dedicated the victory to her mother telling her story with ELA and dedicating her feat in apnea, “She goes for her, everything I live I live for her and for her I will” the presenter assures through tears.

Marilo Monteiro decided to donate 10,000 euros of the prize to continue the fight for ALS, his mother’s disease, “She still needs a lot to investigate and it is a very difficult disease,” the winner said through tears. said through

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