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A few days ago we reported that the popular video game Goddess of Victory: Nikke A rather curious update was scheduled. Let’s remember that in this third person shooter game the player can see the playable girl from behind, So when she gets down on her knees in the shooting position, her butt is fully exposed and she also moves with the movement of her hips, It can be safely said that this is the main attraction of this title.

Anyway, the way to increase player interest is to add hugely popular people from other franchises through collaborations, in addition to adding more people. and that’s what they’re currently doing chainsaw man, Although it is surprising that makimawho we shall call the most popular girl in this collaboration, He wore his coat and, falling over his shoulders and back, this prevented players from accessing his rear view.

What was that Goddess of Victory: NIKKE “corrected” in its update on March 2removing Makima’s coat and prompting many comments from appreciative fans.

but it seems that fans of chainsaw man He didn’t leave the matter there, since Now they’re even analyzing what underwear Makima is wearing in the video game, based on the relief seen in its official design. Does it sound like an exaggeration? Well, check out the following posts:

  • ,As per my analysis bra can be seen from the folds. She’s definitely not strapless or wearing a bra. And since it’s hard to see the folds in her pants, there’s a high chance she’s wearing a thong. that’s all I can say,
  • ,Thoughts After Update: Since her outfit has been updated, I think it’s worth a further look. Underwear should be taken into account. Firstly, there is no chance that she is not wearing a bra as some straps can be seen in the front. The question here is whether it is a bra or an undershirt (also known as a top).,
  • ,Then look at the screenshot below where Makima is leaning forward. If you do, you’ll be able to see what appear to be inner lines. There are two possibilities, it is probably a V-neck undershirt or a bra; However, the undershirt is more likely to fit as it sits high above the chest.,
  • ,Next, we’re going to analyze the undergarments. It’s more complicated. The nature of the wear makes it hard to see the lines, but it’s actually an important sign. This means that a thong is most likely, while regular panties are unlikely.,
  • ,If you look in the section marked with (1), you can see a slight shadow. It is also possible that human anatomy obscures the boundary between the buttocks and thighs, or that the panties are too thin, such as girdle-type panties.,
  • ,On the other hand, if you look at the marked area (2), you can see something that looks like a thong cut, or maybe it’s just random folds. However, when squatting while wearing pants, these wrinkles are less likely to form and spread widely on the buttocks, unless the person is very large. Thus, we can say that the chances of wearing a thong are quite high.,
  • ,In short, we conclude that Makima is wearing an undershirt and thong. What is your opinion? Thank you very much for reading and I look forward to your opinion,

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