Fayna Bethencourt presents her lover, the “opposite” of Yoyas and “a father to my children”.

Fayna Bethencourt and her current partner, Michele Montesdeka

Fayna Bethencourt (44 years old) The struggle for his arrest continues Former partner and father of her children, Carlos Navarro ‘El Yoyas’ (46), convicted of assault and Fugitive from justice for four months.

after asking help ombudsman and his Heartbreaking interview on Risto Mejide programwhere he said this I feared I would become the next victim of sexist violence for appearing on a newscast, Because of the helpless situation in which he finds himself with his abuser whose whereabouts are unknown, The Canary Islands took a bold step today, As far as Posing in a magazine for the first time with my current partner, Michele Montesdeca (39 years old)also received death threats from a former competitor of Big brother

Misael: “Carlos told Faina’s daughter he was going to kill me”

Faina and her lover they have given a Interview with Lectus Magazinein which he speaks for the first time and from then on himself is seen with an open face On Instagram (@misaelmoncar)’s account has been closedAnd in the images that Faina shared on her network, she went out with sunglasses. “Carlos told me he was going to crack me…if he comes out, we’ll see what happens. I’m not afraid”.announces today in the above publication. “It didn’t hurt that he threatened me, but it did hurt that he told Fayna’s daughter he was going to kill me,” Add.

Faina: “To my children, Micheal is their father”

For his part, former contestants of elder brother, Separated from Carlos Navarro since 2017When she filed the first complaint for continuous abuse and harassment, she assured that, To his children, Micheal “is their father”.

“They know he’s not their biological father, but they understand love is more important than blood, I wouldn’t be surprised if they want to change their last name in the future.” says about Fayna your partner for five yearswho do you try with Turn the page on what happened to hell with Carlos Navarro.

Carlos Navarro and Faina Bethencourt in ‘The Butterfly Net’mediaset

“For me, our story really began that day, in a terrible moment and one of the most difficult moments I can remember.I said that if he got off the train I would understand, because I was in that situation and also because of who I was (the fact that your personal life is being reported in the media is not easy for everyone to absorb is), so I would understand that he wants to go on your way without me. “I’m with you, I’m staying here,” he told me, and so on till today, “ Fayna writes on her Instagram today, where she has shared the cover of Lectus.

,[Misael] He is about two meters tall, stubborn and big hearted person who loves us very much And we, well, the whole world loves her. we are Family. And I, once again, can only thank life that I have I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who love me and that’s all that matters in my situation. And hey, we turned out pretty!”Its publication ends.

This is the “complete opposite” of Michele, a “feminist” and a ‘YOYS’

After separating from Carlos, Faina left the family home in Barcelona Pozo with his two children settled in his native Gran Canaria, in the city of Izquierdo.

in eight months they met michel, Whom Carlos himself admitted to the “bullying”, A source close to the matter told ABC newspaper,although he did not accept authorship of the rest of the charges against him.

“It’s a fundamental support, my kids and I have made a great family by his side. Very united and stable. I live in a healthy relationship, as a normal couple should.”Fayna said about her partner, who is musician and sings in a death metal band, and with whom There are no plans for a wedding: “How lazy, it is not necessary.”

Micheal doesn’t have kids but feels like one of his own in Fayna. “When I met him I told him I wanted one of my own, but over time I just realized I already have two of mine”, something that his girlfriend thought was “pretty cool”.

Claims to be Missile “Quite the opposite” of Carlos Navarro: “I’m a feminist man, I believe in equality, but there are many bad men”. For her part, Faina recalls Her children were “surprised” to see their boyfriend “sweeping, with Carlos yelling all over it.”

,[Misael] It has helped me become better and more beautiful, but it’s not that it saved my life, I saved my life.”he says about his partner. Along these lines, Michele is celebrating her 39th birthday with her mother Fayna’s mother-in-law:

Fayna focuses on her aspect as a writer and ‘YouTuber’

fayna lives Years ago retired from television. After closing his hairdressing salon in Las Palmas, he worked real estate agent on the island and now he devotes himself to writing and his Youtube channel ,what show jumps to, Which opens in June 2022 and where Interviews with experts on various subjects:

Carlos ‘Yoyas’, four months in the search and capture

Carlos Navarro (46 years old)better known as ‘El Yoyas’ was summoned to the magistrate of Villanova del Cami on 14 November. (Noa, Barcelona) for his imprisonmentAfter the completion Sentenced to five years and eight months for misdemeanor offenses and harassment against his ex-wife Fayna Bethencourt and their two children aged 13 and 15. But former contestant of elder brother did not appearand since then it’s in search and seizure.

Carlos Navarro ‘El Yoyas’ (File)Instagram

have already passed three more months ‘El Yoyas’ is still free and unknown, For Disappointment of your former partner, Canarian whom he met 20 years ago on the telecinco reality show, with whom he Relationship between 2001 and 2107until it Reported abuse.

The case has caught fire public outrage, due to even more Faina gave an interview to Risto Mejide a few weeks ago travel with chester (Four):

Faina recounts the horror she felt being abused by Carlos ‘El Yoyas’

before elder brother he said he felt Protected by the fact of living on an island, Las Palmas de Gran CanariaBut As time goes on, she feels more insecure, “because I don’t know where she is, if the crime is going to be set, if this issue is going to be forgotten and one day she’s going to show up here.” Sometimes I feel like I could be the next woman on newscasts”. said in one of most difficult interview momentsin which he narrated how progressive misbehaving with the father of his children, first suspicious gestures, the first beating which he has given to him in the presence of any of his sons, or Offensive audios that I sent to him.

Such is the helplessness and despair he feels, Fayna decides to request protection from the Ombudsman, whom he sent Has written which he has shared on his social network.

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