Fire Country Sneak Peek: Bod and AWOL Manny Have Words on That Death — Whose Side Are You On?

Bod is still coming to terms with (or not!) Rebecca’s death — and has a few words to say to Manny about being AWOL for it — from our exclusive sneak peek of this week fire country,

When last we saw this TV season’s most-watched (and already renewed) freshman series, Cal Fires’ Eve (played by Jules Latimer) falls down a fallen tree as she tries to find Three Rock captain Manny (played by Jules Latimer). Kevin Alejandro). ,

After nearly an hour of manoeuvring to get Eve out of her perilous position, sliding down the hill without moving the tree and spearing it with its branches, Bode (Max Thieriot) and crew Eve managed to pull it off. Freed — Thanks in large part to the finale, the brave move made by inmate firefighter Rebecca (Fiona Rainey, now on her way to CBS) the never game,

Alas, everyone let their guard down for a moment, as the tree suddenly toppled sideways and effectively clotheslined Rebecca, causing her ultimately fatal internal injuries.

Sneaking upstairs, Manny checks up on Bode, who has been tasked with penning Rebecca’s eulogy, noting that 1) he knew her best and 2) was there when she was mortally wounded. He was in charge.

But Bode flips the script on Manny, saying that the actual captain of the Three Rock should have been on-site at the time instead of earning a few extra dollars moonlighting on a fishing boat.

How does Manny react to Bode’s harsh words? Press play above and find out!

Elsewhere in this season’s 16th episode (of 22), titled “My Kinda Leader” and airing Friday at 9/8c, a massive and unpredictable wildfire erupts in neighboring Drake Country, prompting Combined rescue and assistance efforts of Station 42 and the 3rd are required. Rock Crew.

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