Four letters … Leonor de Bourbon

Four letters … Leonor de Bourbonefe

successor of get ready and Campechano’s granddaughter Half-exiled in Abu Dhabi: I read in court syrup-drenched chronicles that he had just obtained his International Baccalaureate, cheaply paid for from the public coffers Atlantic College of Wales, housed in a medieval castleThere’s nothing there. Well, congratulations and have a nice time. Let’s see if it is true that, as the publicity of the posh center she just graduated says, she has become pregnant with The “open and critical spirit” that it reportedly instills in students. If that were the case, you should have come to the conclusion by now that, in the 21st century, access to the primordial passage for a head of state from the deck’s ciborium is an anachronism.

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