Fray Marcos Exposed to ‘MasterChef’ Bad Vibes After His Departure: “Coexistence Was Getting Me Down”

he went with the pin

Priest made history on the program by being the first to be evicted with an immunity pin in the elimination test, in which he was less enthusiastic.


By Daniel Toston Lopez

May 21, 2023 | 11:13

In week eight of ‘MasterChef 11’, David and Frye Marcos bid goodbye to the kitchen as they were the worst of their respective elimination tests. Priest creates history by being first evicted with immunity pin, which he decided not to use. The former aspirant was sad and disappointed in his final cooking, due to which his cake did not reach the required level. After his departure, Venezuela explained on account of his low spirits and is accused against some of his companions,

The ascetic reveals what was going on inside him in that last test, when everyone recommended that he hand over the pin to save himself. “Things were happening inside me, very private, very intimate… And coexistence was getting me down, getting me down“, he revealed in an interview with the Dominican.” kitchen giving from another It’s Impossible To Make A Good Dish If Your Enthusiasm Is Low“, he assured that he had “community, order and church” before stressing “above all that personal project” that is supposed to be ‘MasterChef’.

Fray Marcos and Francesc on ‘MasterChef’

He has also pointed to his physical pain as one of the biggest difficulties in the competition: “I have a diagnosis of three lumbar hernia. my arms are so sleepyI think the most difficult thing physically has been giving myself completely.” However, he found it difficult to deal with some of his teammates’ attitudes.”There Are People Who Probably Believe They’re On A Reality Show Other Than ‘MasterChef’ And I envision ‘MasterChef’ as it’s designed: to cook and have fun”, he sentenced.

your friends on the show

Despite the hardships, Fray Marcos has fun on the show and forms unexpected bonds with some of his teammates. “I befriended a character there, Dandy, The Womanizer, 59 years old, handsome, good looking“, he described in reference to Francesc. He also dedicated a few words to Jotha: “A DJ from a gay nightclub, with two earrings, one piercing, all tattooed… You look at him and say: ‘ This man should be a disaster’. It turns out that it was the most orderly, clean, silent and secluded,

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