full! Barbarian Rocks Coach After Singing ‘Creep’ At Blind Audition

barbare mkhatadze He’s 10 years old, he’s from Georgia and he’s only been living in Spain for a month. Talent sings in English and Georgian and assures that she loves flamenco.

The little girl has taken the stage to sing a very special song ‘Creep’. As soon as it started, the coaches were surprised by the voice of the talent and it did not take them long to press the button.

was the first to turn sebastian travelWho didn’t hesitate to stand when she was able to watch that little girl sing.

The talent has revolutionized the coaches who have stood and praised her performance. The four coaches are startled by his voice and take out their best weapons to convince Barbera.

In the end, Barbare chose to go with the team. david bisbal, something that made the rest of the coaches very sad as they all wanted him on their team. The man from Almeria returns in style, taking one of the best voices ever in the edition.

When David said that she was going with him, David Bisbal was very happy and he jumped with joy and went to hug her.

What an exciting opening night performance on ‘La Voz Kids’!

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