Galilea Montijo models rejuvenating short white nails

galilee montejo taught us an important lesson Style while modeling short white nails Yes rejuvenate hands, so take inspiration from her style of wear for the next few weeks. don’t forget that classic and minimal vibe He promises to come back this 2023.

when we thought that being one elegant image was immediately an impossible task, we recently discovered that there is a looks like Hands up that can help you in that mission, most importantly, dare to use colors that we know will never fail because they are a safe bet.

Galilea Montijo wears perfect acrylic nails for the office

The handsome driver has shared a picture through his Instagram account in which Showing off her manicure. on this occasion he opted for a cut xs, round and a coverage of white nail polish A retro vibe that promises to rule Street style during the next few months.

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Galilea Montijo uses acrylic nails which are perfect for going to the office. Photo: I.G.

How to do nails used by Galilea Montijo to rejuvenate hands at home?


  • nail file.
  • soap and water.
  • White and transparent enamels.


  • po startsr file your nails to give an impression manicure,
  • Wash your hands to remove excess powder.
  • re-file the surface and apply Two coats of white paint.
  • Finally, one of the transparent Enjoy the result!

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