Galilea Montijo recalls how uncomfortable it was to work with an ex on the Hoy program

  • In the program ‘Netas Divinas’, Galilea Montijo told what the experience was like with that ex-boyfriend.

  • Driver explained that her ex-partner affected her work because she “talked too much.”

galilee montejo He recalled in ‘Netas Divines’ how his experience of working with an ex in the program ‘Hoy’ was.

The host answered the question asked in the Unicable program, which was “To love or not to love at work?”

Montijo confessed that it was “too new”., which indicates that the answer to your question was yes. Like his other colleagues from ‘Netas Divinas’, he tells an excellent anecdote about it, as well as the revolutionary decision he had to make.

Galilea Montijo Admits Working With an Ex on ‘Hoy’ Wasn’t a Good Idea

galilee montejo explained that her ex-partner and she ended their courtship on bad terms, so their employment relationship was affected, above all, Because her ex started “talking too much”.

“At that time, yes, in the program ‘Hoy’ I was with a colleague… it affected my work until he spoke Because we ended badly, ”revealed the driver.

also remember The work environment between the two became tense, To such an extent that, when he reached the stage of the show, she left.

The host recalls that her ex was bad-mouthing her at work and, although she didn’t want him fired from the program, He was forced to give her an ultimatum: “Either him or I”.

She says that even after that revolutionary decision, her ex continued to go to the forum, which, This created an uncomfortable work environment.

“What do you think? Yes, it became very uncomfortable Because that went on for several months, because I didn’t really want to get involved…” he explained.

It was like this before this experience, galilee montejo She decided that she would no longer be in a relationship with anyone from her workplace.

And, since then I said, ‘Oh no, how lazy’, Working with someone and seeing them every day…”

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