Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia: discover the couple’s favorite luxurious restaurants

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Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia have undoubtedly become the couple of the moment, And although for some their emotional relationship is quite questionable given the way it started, it should be remembered that the former soccer player was believed to be still married to Shakira when she started out.

however, Looks like they don’t care much anymore and have decided to go out and show their love on the streets of Barcelona. Where they are captured in romantic situations and enjoying gastronomy.

And it is, it must be remembered that the couple really like to go to important restaurants, but one in particular has become so. A favorite of Gerard Piqué, who recently received a Michelin star, as published on his Twitter account of 99 Sushi Bar.

Vanitatis newspaper has highlighted that what makes the establishment so special is that the product is treated with respect and exceptional knowledge, exquisitely combining national and Japanese cuisine and the result is dishes that have won the hearts of foodies. Has gained its fame among amateurs. the famous wild boar gyozas or its acclaimed tuna tartare.

Monica Fernandez, general manager of 99 Sushi Bar One of the best dishes at this place is the Tiger Prawn Tempura with Spicy Sauce, a dish that presents these seafood on a salad base with miso vinaigrette and a spicy Sauce based on Japanese kimuchi mayonnaise with creamy.

This place is one of the most special places in Spain and has become one of the favorite places of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia, Which can be constantly caught there.

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