Gerard Piqué reunites with Clara Chia and calms rumors of a crisis

The new chapter of the novel has had an impressive effect following the separation of Colombian singer Shakira and former Spanish player Gerard Piqué. Barranquillera made public his new musical work this week, Acrostic.

The appearance of the couple’s two children, Milan and Sasha, in the official video of the song caused a storm. In which there was even talk of demands from the former footballer.

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However, despite the enormous inconvenience the incident caused Piqué, it is now out of the question for him to take any legal action against his ex-partner.

Piqué is getting ready to welcome his children back to Barcelona as soon as he finishes his school term in Miami. Some media reported that there would be some trouble between the former Barcelona player and his new partner, Clara Chia Marti, for that matter.

Piqué leaves Clara Chia in a very bad place and tells her that if she has not met her children, that if she has never met in the family sphere, it is not because of Shakira’s hatred for her, but because Because Clara doesn’t want Chia. It’s Piqué’s and Clara’s wishes that she still doesn’t know Piqué’s 8 and 10-year-olds.

The photo with which Piqué and Clara Chia want to calm the rumors

However, Piqué quickly took over his social networks to quell rumors of a problem with Clara Chia.

This Saturday, the former player uploaded a photo with his girlfriend on his Instagram account, in which they are seen very close to each other and deeply in love. There are no comments on the picture except hearts.

In just the first half hour of its publication, the photo already had more than 35,000 “likes”, and dozens of comments with divided opinions, some attacking Piqué with images of Shakira and others criticizing their new relationship. She defends


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