Gerard Piqué shared a photo with Clara Chia on Instagram Grupo Milenio

Gerard Piqué surprised everyone on social networks by sharing a photo with Clara Chia, In the image he inserted an orange heart as a description. The users’ reactions did not wait, as in a matter of minutes it added more than 56 thousand reactions.

The footballer made the publication just days after his former partner Shakira premiered her new song acrostic in which his son Milan plays the piano and sings.

This is the second time this year Piqué has shared a photo with Clara ChiaWell, the first publication in which they could be seen together on the Instagram of the former Barcelona central defender was on January 25.

,Looks like the couple decided to stop hiding their romance and want to make it more and more public, as different paparazzi have caught them hugging together and ruining the love. Regardless of the comments read on the network.

According to Spanish journalist Lorena Vazquez, the former soccer player is extremely upset with Shakira because she did not anticipate that her children would be the protagonists of her most recent video acrostic.


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