Ghost Trick Remastered game trailer reveals March 30th launch date

Remastered version of the game launches via Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC Steam

official capcom usa youtube The channel started streaming a trailer for its remastered version. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective game on friday. The trailer reveals that the game will launch on March 30.

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The remastered version of the game will launch for nintendo Change, Play Station 4, via Xbox One and PC Steam, The game will be available in Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

The game is a remastered version of the original nintendo The DS game, which debuted in 2010 in Japan and 2011 in the West. Players take on the role of Sissel, a ghost who can possess objects in order to manipulate them. Players must use this ability to fake the deaths of various characters and discover the truth behind Sissel’s murder.

capcom Description of the game:

one night to solve the mystery of his death

I woke up as a ghost on the outskirts of town, with no memories I could call my own.
Why was I killed? who killed me
Who was I…?
At the first light of dawn my soul will disappear.
The one-night solo detective chase begins now!

shu takumiDirector of ace attorney also directed the games Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective,

Source: capcom usa‘S youtube channel and twitter Account

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