Giancarlo Esposito Only Had One Request Before Joining ‘The Mandalorian,’ And He Got His Wish

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Giancarlo Esposito did a great job playing the mandalorian The villain, Moff Gideon. He was threatening, dangerous, skilled and a fearsome leader. But there’s a reason this moff is intimidating in the series, and it all has to do with the actor himself.

during an interview with star wars insider, Esposito recalled the time when he was talking about his character with series showrunner Jon Favreau. The actor was asked if he had any requests for Moff Gideon and he did. All Esposito asked was that his character would have a cape similar to the iconic star wars The villain, Darth Vader.

“You know, I love working the mandalorian Because it’s all about surprise and anticipation. When John asked if I had any requests for the character, I said, ‘Yes. I want to have a cloak like Darth Vader’s!'”

But the request for the cape isn’t the only reason for Moff Gideon’s evil vibes. Esposito has played many villains in the past, such as in Faraday Cyberpunk: EdgerunnersLex Luthor Inn Harley Quinnand gus fringe in breaking bad, Just to name a few. The actor says he does not go for bad characters while giving auditions. He looks for someone who is “inspirational” and is asked to play characters with some kind of “edge”.

“No. I look for complete scripts. I look for characters that are inspiring, and that take our imaginations from place to place. It just so happens that I get to play such characters in certain projects. That said, which has a somewhat edge, a dark side if you will.

Moff Gideon hasn’t appeared in season three yet. the mandalorian, The last time we saw Moff Gideon on screen was during the season two finale when he was defeated by the Mandalorian. It was revealed in the third season premiere that he was arrested, but will no doubt make justice pay for his crimes, hinting that there is a chance for this Moff to return.

If you want to see Moff Gideon in action, all episodes of the mandalorian Seasons one through two are available to stream on Disney Plus.

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