Gorda Fabiola’s Recovery After Facial Surgery Is Going Like This: “I Look and Feel Divine”

Fabiola Posada, better known as Fat Fabiola
, She is one of the comedians of the Sabados Felice, Caracol television program, who has won the hearts of hundreds of Colombians thanks to her charisma and dedication. After undergoing a surgery recently, the actress also He has shared how his recovery process has been.

After going through the process of weight loss, Fat Fabiola He wanted a cosmetic procedure to remove the excess skin left on his chin.

It’s been 26 days since the comedian’s surgery and although he’s still hopeful that the swelling in his face will continue to go down, he says he is very happy with the result of the surgery,

,I accept that each day that passes I look in the mirror and I see myself and feel divine”, he wrote in an Instagram post that has collected over 33,000 likes.

with a big smile, Fat Fabiola He showed the before and after of his face in a video.

Also, prior to this most recent update, on day 24 of her recovery, she commented that not only was the excess skin from her double chin removed, but she also slightly lifted her cheeks and tightened the skin on her neck . He also showed what has been a success of his post-period.

Before entering the operating room, Fat Fabiola He commented on his social networks that he understands that cosmetic surgeries “are not just for beauty queens”, but that “Beauty has a purpose that goes beyond pleasing other people and, most importantly, making you feel good.”

The comedian, who is about to turn 60, commented on Caracol Television’s program ‘La Raid’ that due to the force of gravity, “Before, he had the smile of a sad little clown.”

La Gorda Fabiola confirms that the procedure was done for her own pleasure: “I am a person who is constantly in search of happiness and this is what makes me very happy”A sentiment that he reflects in every update he shares with his followers on the social network, where he has accumulated more than 1 million fans.

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