Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Fighting Game Reveals Anila As Playable Character

Fighting Game Launches Its Year For PS5, PS4, Steam

Cygames And Arc System Works Saturday announced new playable character Anila for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Risinghis new fighting game for him Granblue Fantasy Suffrage. come on yuki Gives voice to the character. The next trailer for the game will stream on March 4.

The game will be released for this year Play Station 5, Play Station 4, and Steam, The game will feature rollback netcode and crossplay between the three platforms.

The game will include a battle royale mode titled “Grand Bruise Legends”, as well as a new “Ultimate Skills” mechanic, which Cygames Describes it as “an even more powerful version of Plus Skills”. Additionally, the game will include a new Dash Attack and Triple Attack mechanics. The game will feature 24 playable characters from previous fighting games, as well as new characters and stages, new story content, enhanced graphics, and an online lobby.

Arc System Works And Cygames launched Granblue Fantasy: Vs. The fighting game launched in Japan in February 2020, and then in North America in March 2020. Marvelous Europe released the game in Europe and Australia in March 2020. The game also launched on PC in March 2020.

Cygames original issued Granblue Fantasy Smartphone games in 2014.

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