Grant Gustin shares somber video hanging up his ‘The Flash’ costume for the last time

image via cw

final season of the cw glitter has finished filming, and the series star Grant Gustin marked the moment in the most heartwarming “real” way.

The star, who brought life to the television version of Fastest Man Alive for nine seasons, shared a behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram in his dressing room. In the post, she hung up her iconic red dress for the last time.

As Gustin fits the bulk of his suit onto a hanger, he points to another piece of his costume that is already on the rail. “I don’t usually hang it,” he tells the camera. “It usually goes in my laundry. No need to wash anymore,” he says wistfully. He puts the rest of his suit on the rack before patting and thanking him, as if bidding farewell to an old friend. We are not crying; You.

cw’s glitter will end its 13-episode run in May. After that, all eyes will turn to the big screen on the flamboyant superhero who is being brought to life by the much less sane actor, Ezra Miller. In fact, fans have been pleading with DC to consider replacing Miller with Gustin in future DCUs.

new episodes of glitter Airing every Wednesday at 7:00 pm CT / 8:00 pm ET on The CW.

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