Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9 Review: Love Costs Nothing

Happiness is far from a lot of the characters in this series right now.

It felt like everyone was fighting, and there were some treasured moments during Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9. Teddy and Owen bicker endlessly, Bailey and Ben almost follow through, Maggie realizes her marriage may be doomed, and Simone breaks Lucas’ heart.

But on the other hand, Helm and Mika are definitely hitting it off well and are well on their way to becoming the next love ship, while Levi finally gets laid by a hot traveling nurse!

They teased a fun installment meant to feel nostalgic about the early days of the series when MAGIC would have house parties.

While there was a house party, much of it lacked enthusiasm, and the play was very repetitive and frustrating.

Engaged - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

The Simone and Lucas situation took some frustrating turns as the series tried to pull off bits of the Meredith, Derek, and Addison love triangle with a completely different feel.

Trey, unlike Addison, isn’t the least bit interesting. He’s inappropriate and doesn’t deserve to be supported, although he’s good to look at, so there’s something.

It’s hard to invest in whatever hold he has on Simone because we know so little about their relationship, and when you see them in action, it’s nothing short of spectacular.

It’s easy to write him off when he doesn’t support her after everything she endured at her previous hospital, and he gives the impression that he wishes she had sucked him in and abused him.

Lucas Is Smitten - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

Plus, it makes you wonder why he came into the picture now. Simone finally settles down, finding her place at Gray Sloan, thriving and finding happiness.

She’s also found her people, and yes, it’s clear that Micah and Lucas are at least her people. And here her ex-fiancé arrives to mess everything up, too little, too late.

It is shocking that it even worked. Sure, they have this extensive history, but so far, it’s enough to make you wish she’d stuck to the clean break she made when she came to Gray Sloan instead of getting sucked into Trey’s past and familiarity. Went.

Of course, I’m biased because Simone and Lucas are incredibly cute and hot together. They have great chemistry and bring out the best in each other.

The Spitting Game - Long - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

They also develop a closeness that goes beyond sexual attraction to each of them, born of mutual respect and a vulnerability that neither of them has shared with anyone else since their introduction.

And did I mention they’re hot?

Nico: If you love her, you should fight for her.
Simone: You’re pushing me towards that.
Nico: I’m not pushing you, I’m saying, do you love her?

It was classic Grey’s shit that she was in the room with Lucas, stripping, moments away from having some sizzling hot sex while the cockblocker that he is, Trey, out the door to confess his love to Simone was standing.

Trey was baring his soul at a locked door, not knowing that on the other side of it, some impossibly handsome man with luxurious hair had pushed down his ex-fiancé’s pants.

Questionable Choice - Long - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

If this is not awkward then what is?

It’s a mark of how much Lucas really cares for Simone and wants the best for her to express how much he cares for her and a genuine appreciation of how intelligent she is, but he noticed that he still had feelings for her and backed off.

This hurt him deeply, but he wasn’t about to put himself into something when he could tell Simone’s heart might be elsewhere, and he mentioned how he didn’t want to make her a rebound before they started their relationship. Wanted to

But just because Lucas is a nice guy doesn’t mean Simone wasn’t insensitive as hell for reconnecting with Trey in front of everyone at that party and showing off her ring in the locker room at work.

Playing Darts - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

They live and work together, so goodness knows how awful it must be for Lucas to move on now that he has to see the woman he developed feelings for with someone else.

They dashed our Simone/Lucas expectations before things even started, and now we must deal with Simone’s decision until it inevitably blows up in her face.

But at least we got a dance it out scene, and Lucas has the support of people like Micah.

To compensate for this, we got some cute moments between Micah and Helm, and this is a potential pairing worth backing for this season.

Micah's Challenge - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 6

Things are going well with them, and it’s good to see that Helm is included in the show better than ever. she’s partying with the interns at Meredith Grey’s old house; good for her.

And Levi showed up to the party too and saw her with a hot traveling nurse and possibly more by the end of the night.

I don’t apologize unless I’m wrong.


It’s nice that Helm and Levy, despite their status, get to delve into these kinds of storylines with The Intern because they missed them before.

Jules and Blue are also an interesting pairing because of the obvious sexual attraction they have worked on. As Blue spends more time around patients, he opens up more and becomes more vulnerable.

Compassionate Jules-Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 8

They could be a couple that unexpectedly turns more serious than either of them ever imagined, and that would be refreshing to see.

They were the perfect two to make themselves work while others were partying off-duty.

And they got such an emotional case. Blue’s investment made you fall even more for her character, especially as she worked hard to find the right solution for the couple and went beyond what was expected of her as a doctor.

Maggie didn’t understand it and thought she was moving on, but it seems like Blue will be a different type of doctor, one whose style is often rooted in her experiences, and I respect that.

The Honeymoon Phase Over - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 8

Their solution that the couple get divorced and get the help they need was a creative and logical flaw, and I’m glad they could put their feelings aside and agree to it. That’s when they realized that this was the best option for them.

And even though she’s his superior, I’m glad Blue got emotional in front of Maggie.

I don’t apologize unless I’m wrong.


Meanwhile, Maggie is doing fine at work, which is to be expected, but her marriage is still a hot pile of garbage. It is best for Maggie to speak about it in terms of medical jargon and seek advice from others.

But so far, Maggie and Winston’s drama is tiring, and it would be best for everyone if the pair were put out of their misery.

The Fighting Wife - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

And the same goes for Owen and Teddy. When did they become this unhappily married couple who always quarrel and bark at each other?

It has become something that feels like a comedic shtick that has overstayed its welcome. Should we see that they’re behaving like an old couple who fight non-stop but will never divorce?

Do we want them to end it? is it supposed to be funny? Because it isn’t.

Everything about that dinner was uncomfortable. I can see where it was supposed to be funny, but it went on too long and was annoying.

Fighting Husband - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

It wasn’t fair to Bailey or Ben to have to play marriage counselor to two much older people who should have taken care of their relationship by now.

They exchange a few funny lines here and there, but overall, watching Teddy and Owen together onscreen has become tiresome.

You can cut out his scenes most of the time, and he won’t be missed.

Teddy is struggling to adapt to his new position as chief, and that’s not all, and Owen won’t let him forget it. And she’s also sorry that she won’t be able to save him the trauma head job, but the man still doesn’t have his license.

Marriage Counselor - Long - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

This is ridiculous. Everything about them is absurd.

And worse, he attacks Ben and Bailey when the two leave their dinner, and Ben dares to reveal that he resents Bailey for returning to work and would prefer that he be at home with Prue. spend more time with

Bailey: How’s the medical license?
Owen: It’s still suspended, but it’s getting there.

Didn’t he get the chance to hire Prue in the first place because Her Majesty had to choose to put herself at less risk on the job?

How’s it on Bailey? And Bailey has always worked and run a hospital, so why is he deciding that he doesn’t like it anymore that she’s doing what she’s always been doing?

Mainly Mentoring - Long - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

And he looks so sexy.

The link is going down with angry Tank fans, but working that pregnancy case with Jo seemed to lift their spirits.

Joe: How do you let someone go like that?
Amelia: He wasn’t perfect for me, but maybe he’s perfect for you.

Of course, the series still leans heavily into the JoLink pairing and even has Jo questioning how Amelia could ever let go of Link.

I’m still bitter about the pointless dismantling of Amelink, so this was a frustrating question. Amelia’s answer was great, and they made sure to throw in a few scenes with her facial moss to remind herself how happy she is in her current relationship.

Having an Abortion - Lengthy - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 8

This means we’ll have an official Jo and Link pairing sooner rather than later.

So, on that note, most couples are drifting apart, but there is hope for some on the horizon, assuming there is interest in either of them.

Over you, Grey’s fanatics.

What did you think of this nostalgic type episode? Are you fed up with the antics of Owen and Teddy? Were you shocked that Simone agreed to marry Trey? Sound down

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