Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio outshines Annie

Carlo Collodi’s new adaptation of Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio has made waves at the 50th edition of the Annie Awards.

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro It continued to enjoy success in its Oscar run, taking home the Feature Film award at the 50th Annual Annie Awards Presented by Asifa-Hollywood on Saturday night.

In addition to being named Best Film in the Animation Industry, pinocchio Del Toro topped the list of winners with all five trophies, including Best Director and fellow director Mark Gustafson. The stop-motion film also won awards for Best Music (Alexandre Desplat, Robben Katz, del Toro and Patrick McHale), Production Design (Kurt Enderle and Guy Davis), and Character Design (Tucker Barrie).

del Toro, who came straight from the PGA Awards where he received the trophy for producing pinocchio, He was excited to win the Annie for Directing award alongside Gustafsson. “Can I say it? He loved Bloody Annie very much. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world!” He said that the anime festival was the only place where he did not need to be told that animation is a medium and not a genre. “What can I say about ‘Pinocchio’; the point is that it was done by actors, and the animators were treated like actors and not technicians.”,

marcel shell with shoes, also a stop-motion film that closely followed Pinocchio, picked up Annie for Independent Feature Film, as well as two other awards. Jenny Slate won the voice acting award for her portrayal of Marcel, while Slate, Dean Fletcher Camp, Nick Paley and Elizabeth Holm won for the screenplay.

Apple TV+ and BBC get four Anies for their animated short film the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse, which includes Best Special Production and Direction for a TV/Media Project. The 34-minute film was directed by Peter Baynton and Charlie Mackey, on the book on which the film was based. Tim Watts won for TV/Media Character Design and Daniel Budin received the Golden Zoetrope for TV/Media Editorial.

netflix animated anthology series love death + robot Won Four Awards: Best FX for Television/Media (Kirby Miller, Igor Zainik, Joseph H. Coleman, Steven Dupuy and Josh Schwartz) for the episode bad trip), TV/media character design (Alberto Milego for Jibro), TV/media writing (Andrew Kevin Walker for Bad Traveling) and TV/media storyboarding (Emily Dean for The Very Pulse of the Machine episode).

Avatar: The Way of Water won two awards, one for Best Special Effects Feature Film (Jonathan M. Nixon, David Moraton, Nicholas Illingworth, David Cairo Cebrian and Alex Novotny) and the other for Character Animation – Live Action (Daniel Barrett, Stuart Adcock, Todd Labonte, Douglas McHale ) and Stephen Cullingford).

Oni: Thunder God’s Tale It also received two awards, one each for TV/Media Limited Series and TV/Media Production Design (Robert Kondo, Rachel Tiep-Daniels, Lia Tin, Yohei Hashizume and Masa Inada). was another double winner Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Storyboarding for a Feature Film (Anthony Holden) and Editorial for a Feature Film (James Ryan, Jacqueline Karambles, Natala Kronmold, Joe Butler and Katie Parody).

Other winners include The Tiny Chef Show Best TV/Media-For Preschool, disgusting and invisible city TV/Media – for children, Bob’s Burgers For Mature TV/Media, ice merchant For short topic, solo artist for student film Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course (Chad Moldenhauer and Hannah Abi-Hannah) for character animation/video game, Taylor Krahenbuhl for character design The Bad Guys, The Cuphead Show for Music-TV/Media (Ego Plume, Dave Wasson and Cosmo Segerson), and Maurice LaMarche for Voice Acting-TV/Media, for his performance as Mr. Big In Zootopia+,

Asifa-Hollywood celebrated its 50th anniversary during a ceremony held at UCLA’s Royce Hall. Interspersed throughout the show were clips of the likes of Amy Poehler, Billy Crystal, Patton Oswalt, William Shatner, Josh Gad, and Weird “Al” Yankovic congratulating Annies on their 50th anniversary.

Pixar writer-director and chief creative officer Pete Docter, prolific television series creator Craig McCracken, and the late Evelyn Lambert, best known for her short films, were honored with the Winsor MacKay Award for Lifetime Achievement.

In accepting his honor, McCracken thanked all the colleagues he has worked with over the past 30 years. “Thank you for your talent. Thank you for your passion, for your time, for your inspiration, for your friendship and for helping turn these crazy ideas in my head into reality.

Disney CEO Robert Iger presented the Winsor McKay Award to Pete Docter. Iger called the doctor “One of the best animation filmmakers of his generation. It’s hard to think of someone who has made a bigger mark on animation, both literally and figuratively, in the past three decades.”

Reflecting on his long career with Pixar, Doc said: “It put me in a weird mood because when I look back at the work I’ve done, I can’t figure out where it came from. I was there for every big decision (at Pixar) and then Somehow work has a life of its own. I don’t know if this will sound familiar to any of you, but it’s a strange effect. However it worked, I’m so grateful those ideas chose me.”

Author, historian, and educator Mindy Johnson received the June Foray Award for significant, charitable, or charitable impact on the animation industry. The Ub Iwerks award for technical achievement in eliminating incompatibilities between digital content creation software went to the Visual Effects Reference Platform, initially developed by Nick Cannon and Francois Chardavoine. Voice actor John Omohundro was presented with the Certificate of Merit Award for service to the arts and industry.

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