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That Harrison Ford sure has some stamina for someone in his 81st year.

What’s the secret I ask him?

“You know what the secret is,” he replied.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Other Two Things.”

And which two things?

“Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. That’s a secret, but it’s not a secret anymore,” said a bad boy twinkling in his eyes as he spoke.

Ford and Calista Flockhart were guests at Charles Finch’s A Rabbit’s Foot Annual Filmmakers Dinner in Cannes on Friday night.

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For as long as I can remember the event was held at Eden Rock, but this year Finch and his teammates moved to Fred L’Keller Seafood Restaurant on the eastern peninsula past Palm Beach. Always cracks me up when chef mentor Fred Garbellini describes himself as “just a humble fisherman.”

Strictly speaking I think he is.

Fred Garbellini (right) and colleagues

Baz Bamigboy / Deadline

From the humble fisherman to the rich and famous.

Guests mingled for cocktails before being seated at a dozen or so long white trestle tables on a spacious terrace.

Wim Wenders and Ford were deep in conversation before Finch asked, very nicely, to go and sit down. To no avail as everyone wanted to chat with the legendary star; Some people followed him till the toilet. I know this because I was there before him. Ford briefly told the audience that he needed space for a minute and was allowed to enter the chamber alone.

Interesting how many famous people are equally in awe of other famous people.

Although Ford is so calm that he has taken everyone’s attention in his stride.

He wanted to attend the dinner because Mads Mikkelsen co-starred with Ford in the blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Dial of DestinyReceiving the Rabbit’s Foot pin along with director Audrey Dewan for their contribution to cinema.

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Charles Finch (standing) with guests including Mads Mikkelsen and Audrey Dewan.

Baz Bamigboy / Deadline

Alicia Vikander was there with friends ahead of Sunday’s Cannes Competition screening of Karim Ainoz flamboyant Starring Vikander, as Catherine Parr, Henry Vllll’s sixth and final wife portrayed by an uncredited Jude Law.

The movie is about how Parr survives that marriage. Vikander argued, “When you look at it in today’s context she suffered domestic abuse and that’s what we wanted.”

I sat down with film executive Sam Pressman, CEO of Pressman Film; Ron Halpern, Executive Vice President of Global Production at StudioCanal; and Gaumont’s Vice CEO Christophe Riandi. We’ve definitely got the world under control and one of the things we touched on was Ford’s longevity as a movie star and why there are so few around now – especially stars under 30.

There are few but they are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Although we all agreed that by this time next year, Paul Mescal will have broken out as a true movie star.

I certainly hope so.

We all wandered off to other tables, some of us daring to dance with the Gypsy Kings.

By 1 o’clock it was departure time.

I had a rendezvous with Croisette at the party to celebrate Molly Manning Walker’s great debut feature how to have sex Hosted by Mubi and Film4, among others.

First things first, I needed to quickly change my outfit. You can’t run around freely in bow-ties and tuxes.

In suitable attire, I head off to Nomade @ 3.14 Plage. The shop was closing at exactly 2 o’clock.

I duly squealed as I watched the talented young cast jump up and down. I love this movie; One of the unexpected pleasures of the year.

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A giant, plastic pink inflatable creature was thrown onto the dance floor, literally floating over our heads.

Pink blizzard at ‘How to Have Sex’ party

Baz Bamigboy / Deadline

Smiling, I thought this was it.

At 2.10 the DJ put down the equipment and started clearing his deck.

The crowd asked him to play another song, but he did not budge. We will not do either, but he did not agree.

Film4 head Daniel Batsek observed that “it should be one helluva great party” when people stop the DJ for more music.

Some of us sat on some steps and sang songs. By 4am we were well and truly pumpkins.

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