HBO’s ‘Barry’ is ending, and its final season is almost here

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This is the end of a (bloody) era. HBO’s Barrywho sees bill hader Aspiring actor and professional contract killer Barry Berkman’s role ends in this season finale.

Interestingly, the fourth season of the show was written before the third, per Diversity, This happened because the production of the third season was halted during the pandemic, and the writers had some time off. When we left Barry at the end of the third season, he was in prison because of the actions of his teacher, Gene Cazineau (Henry Winkler).

The show was ridiculously successful, garnering 44 Emmy nominations and two wins for Hader. Obviously, it’s hard to let go of a hit TV show. “We didn’t want to admit it to ourselves, you know what I mean?” Haider said. He told Amy Gravitt, HBO’s executive vice president of comedy programming, “I think the story ends naturally after season four,” and he recalls her sighing in agony.

Gravitt said that while she was disappointed in the news, she knew that Haider and company knew what they were doing. “Whatever decision they made about the story or the jump between seasons, it made sense — so I had to go with their gut on that,” she said. “Obviously, now that we’re here, we’re feeling emotional about it. But really it feels like the right time to end the show.”

Hader said that the beginning of the season was “very funny” and “incredibly bittersweet”, but that the last two episodes “were not funny” and were “very sad”.

O is at least to look ahead. Hader also directed every episode of the latest season, saying that watching other directors work on the show made him more comfortable and confident in the idea.

The extra workload, he said, “was exhausting. It was very exhausting. He doesn’t let the idea of ​​a “finale” carry that much weight. He’s more interested in something that has a satisfying conclusion.

“When we’re working on the last episode I don’t think I’ve ever referred to it as a ‘series finale’. It’s the end of the story, you know what I mean?” It was also important to feel close to the cast and crew, even though it was really frustrating. [The] Lots of principal photography, last day – yes, it was incredibly sad. It has been an amazing, life-changing experience for me personally. So I was happy that I was able to tell the crew that, these people who worked for so many years. Being able to thank them was very important to me.

Barry Season four will premiere on April 16.

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