“He has an absolute sense of hatred for the royal family”

Esteban Urizeta has indicated that he is only now interested in their urdangarin Is “as far as I can tell”, In this way, the journalist has revealed that the reason for the departure of the Infanta Cristina could be to keep her silent Give him pension.

The journalist indicated, “He transfers to his environment that he has not done anything that he has not seen the family do, nothing different from what he has seen the King Emeritus do.”

Esteban Urizeta confesses that Iñaki is now with Urdangarin “An absolute sense of hatred for the royal family To accept a guilt that he perceives on his inner platform that simply does not suit him”.

As such, they from the Royal House may be trying to change it so that it remains silent. “The Royal House needed Iñaki to do the same as Prince Harry”, he insisted that Urdangarin would not speak “only by ear” and that “They have carried out actions sponsored by the deposed king” And there is “first hand information”.

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