He killed them! Annette Mitchell did not want to return as host of MasterChef; uncover the reasons

  • The cooking show ‘MasterChef’ produced by TV Azteca is undergoing a change.
  • The public was very surprised when they learned that Chef Jose Ramón and Chef Betty would be leaving the project.
  • It was also revealed that Tatiana would no longer be the host and now they announce that Annette Mitchell would have received an invitation to run the cooking reality show again.

‘MasterChef Mexico’ is undergoing some changes for all of its formats, both junior, celebrity and general edition, so the departure of chef Betty Vazquez and chef José Ramón Castillo a few days ago gave fans something to talk about as the news For was unexpected of reality.

Apart from this, Alex Kaifi also commented Tatiana will no longer be the director of the project And it will be renovated anyway, “it will have new producers, a new conductor and new chefs,” he said.

Now the same journalist reveals it Annette Michel receives an invitation from TV Azteca’s new Director of Content, Adrian Ortega, to return For “the most famous kitchen in Mexico” but the actress would not have accepted either.

Alex Caffi also revealed the reason why Annette declined to return to the reality show that began with her as host, “Annette Michel refused to host the next season of MasterChef. Yes, the actress and host decisively replied ‘Don’t trust me’, when the powerful executive of Télévision Azteca told her the name of the chefs who would appear in it.” Going to join the charge of judging the dishes of the contestants.indicated.

Let us recall that Annette Michel left the program to focus on her career as an actress and went to the Televisa competition, where she appeared in a soap opera.

As Poncho Martinez said in ‘History to History’, Adrián Ortega aimed to return to the original cast of ‘MasterChef’ and only wanted to remove chef Josera because he had a direct relationship with the channel’s former director of content Sandra Smeester However, when Chef Betty learns that Chef Herrera and Benito Molina will be returning, she decides not to return to reality and leaves with Josera.

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