“Health reform so that the corruption of the metropolitan hospital is not repeated”

In defense of the health reform that the government submitted to Congress, the Secretary of Transparency, Andres Idaraga He referred to the case of the Metropolitan Hospital of Barranquilla and the legal dispute between the two families over the care center.

He said the mismanagement of public health resources has led some to enrich themselves at the expense of Colombians’ right to health and the rights of health workers.

“In Colombia, corruption has become so natural. It has become natural that they steal money from the Colombian people, that they steal money from the workers,” Indicated Idaraga.

Referring to the Metropolitan Hospital, he said that it is a fact that there is an intention to reform “that it does not appear again”.

“I mean what happened with the Metropolitan Hospital, which is in full swing,” he pointed.

He said that in this case of corruption “There were 14,000 million pesos that went to the Jalar family and Mr. Jalar’s wife, Mrs. Ivonne Acosta, who is now out of the country, after stealing the money that the address had sent to pay the workers, to take care of their patients. “.

he questioned the fact “is in complete impotence”.

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