Henry Cavill says he will not return as Superman

Henry Cavil confirmed Wedensday, December 14, that he'd no longer be Superman in the DC Comics extended cinematic universe.
Henry Cavil confirmed Wedensday, December 14, that he’d no longer be Superman in the DC Comics extended cinematic universe.

Henry Cavill says he will not return as Superman:The news that British actor Henry Cavill would no longer be portraying Superman in the DC Extended Cinematic Universe on Wednesday brought DC fans from all around the world together in grief.

After Cavill stated in October that he will be returning as the Man of Steel, fans were shocked by this news. Even in the DC movie “Black Adam,” starring Dwayne Johnson, Cavill appeared as Superman in a sequence during the mid-credits. (WB Discovery, the parent company of CNN, is also the parent firm of DC Films.)

On Instagram, Cavill revealed that he met with British film producer Peter Safran and director James Gunn, who were appointed as co-chairmen and chief executive officers of DC Studios in October.

After all, Cavill wrote, “I won’t be coming back as Superman.” “This news isn’t the easiest, but that’s life. The studio told me to announce my comeback back in October, before they were hired. There is a guard change that takes place. I appreciate that.

Superman “is still around,” according to Cavill, despite his decision not to reprise the character.

He wrote, “Everything he stands for still remains and the examples he sets for us still exist!” “While it’s no longer my turn to don the cape, everything Superman stands for will always be alive. Onward and upwards, it’s been a pleasure traveling with you all.

On Wednesday, Gunn also posted on Twitter that he and Safran “have a DC slate ready to go, which we couldn’t be more over-the-moon about; we’ll be able to reveal some exciting details about our first projects at the beginning of the new year.”

Superman is one of those listed. Henry Cavill won’t be portraying Superman because the earliest stages of our story will center on a previous period of his life, according to Gunn.

Gunn then began answering questions from fans, confirming, among other things, that he has been developing a Superman movie for a long and that this would not be an origin story.

The announcement on Wednesday also follows Cavill’s departure from the Netflix series “The Witcher,” where he played the lead role for three seasons. He will be replaced by actor Liam Hemsworth.

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Films reps have been contacted by CNN.

Since being hired, Gunn and Safran have been reviewing the studio’s schedule of films, with some of their selections recently garnering media attention. Director Patty Jenkins spoke candidly about rumors that the studio will not be moving forward with a third entry in the “Wonder Woman” franchise on Tuesday.

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