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Maruja Torres, one of the most unique figures in journalism who proclaims her love for the profession and proudly boasts of old age, has decided Travel to Rome with Jordi Evole.

During a stay in the Italian capital with journalist Maruja Torres showing your most intimate side And with that the channel is opened. Winner of the Planeta and Nadal prizes, the author has been a correspondent in Lebanon and has worked for media such as ‘Garbo’ and ‘Photogramas’ magazine.

now in this program Remember your professional career, Analyzes what journalism is like today and reveals some of the most difficult personal moments it has had to go through.

Maruja Torres opens up about her darkest childhood

“My father was a drug addict who walked away and left us”, reporter misses something most difficult episode that she had to live through her childhood, acknowledging how it affected her His father left him. Furthermore, she highlights how those episodes made her a “professional” as she learned to do disclosure.

This is how Maruja Torres experienced the murder of Juancu Rodríguez in first person

journalist was the one who had to identify his partner’s body, which confirms that there was shot in the eye. “I started chattering on everything, in Spanish and with bad blood, and talking to her,” he says, unable to avoid being moved when he recalls it.

Maruja Torres denies she is an alcoholic

“If someone thinks I’m drunk, that’s their problem and if someone thinks I’m an alcoholic, they’re wrong, because it’s a disease i don’t have“, insists the journalist, who confirms that “Don’t drink to forget.”

Maruja Torres tells how she voluntarily had two abortions

Maruja Torres is clear that if she had a husband, partner or childrenHe could not have made the career he has made in the world of journalism. “Everyone can choose their own destiny, I have no motherly instinctsi have a miscarriage, It was something that only the rich or borrowers like me could afford.”

Maruja Torres’ most intimate confession about masturbation and sex

Maruja Torres admits that she is already in her age have no sexual fantasies Although he assures that “sex with itself never ends”, “When I masturbate, I think about the finger or the dildo, but I don’t think about anything else,” he confesses.

Maruja Torres’ reflection on love

Journalist Reveals if you believe in love And makes for a good reflection on what that word means. talk about it too Aging and the passage of time. “You’re letting go of things, you’re losing faculty and you have to settle down and you have to learn how to let go.”

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