How does ‘Shazam! James Gunn’s ‘Wrath of the Gods’ at DC?

Another film has just come. DCand this is the first time james gunn And Peter Safran has revealed the outline of his plan for this superhero universe. david zaslavCEO of warner bros discoveryappointed him as their leader dc studio with the hope that they will be the continuation of the so-called expanded universestill trembling from the earthquake he called zack snyder,

The main idea is to eliminate any traces snyderverseBut that sounds difficult: Before Gunn was promoted, he worked within the company suicide squad keep up with suicide squad initial as Harley Quinn Of margot robbie and some other characters. In other words, Gunn has shown sympathy for a small part of Snyder’s legacy, to which it must be added that Safran is one of the main promoters. Shazam! And its recent sequel.

sometime it will start phase 1 About your plan, call Chapter 1: The Gods and the Demons, it has to be before 2022, where after fury of the gods they come Glow (He July 16) And aquaman and the lost kingdom (He 25 December, There is no confirmed sequel to any of these films, while black adam Of Dwayne Johnson (who was theoretically supposed to face Shazam at the end zachary levy) has seen its continuation end due to poor box office figures.

It all depends, now, whether Shazam! fury of the gods Win over audiences and make enough money for Gunn and Safran to keep the faith and confirm a sequel. But, should it be so, how can it fit? fury of the gods in your plan?

heroine without sequel

Gunn and Safran’s first move at the helm of DC Studios was to cancel both wonder woman 3 As man of steel 2 (The trial of the latter began shortly before it was announced that Henry Cavill would return as Superman … in the post-credits scene.) black adam, The second sequel caused Cavill to permanently say goodbye to the character, as Gunn wanted to write and direct. reboot of character, Superman: Legacy,

this is the only project gods and Monsters Whose release date is now: June 11, 2025, cancellation after wonder woman And Strong Man Rumors Abound That DC Wants To Eliminate Their Main Characters In Upcoming Movies: That’s Where They Come From Glow one of two aquaman 2 (whose hero is also said to have little time left in the ring, though jason momoa Lobo), but also… shazam 2,

found out, see fury of the gods, that it didn’t end up doing any cameos, and that cameo’s girl gadot Like Wonder Woman. Diana Prince has been named several times as the basis of Billy Batson (romantic interest) (Asher Angel / Zachary Levy) In it, the superheroine appears until the end of the film and contributes to both the undoing of the curse of the Daughters of Atlas and the resurrection of Shazam.

Still from 'Wonder Woman 1984'
Still from ‘Wonder Woman 1984’
Warner Bros.

It’s An Important Cameo, And It’s Striking With Its Cancellation wonder woman 3 There were those who assumed that Gadot would stop embodying the character. shazam 2, if we’re to understand her as fully immersed in Gunn and Safran’s plans (Suffran’s figure as head producer seems to say the same), then it establishes that the actress could appear again in future films. Which is not outside DC.

cancellation of wonder woman 3However, it doesn’t allow us to imagine anything other than future installments where Gadot limits herself to making cameos or being part of a certain team, genre. league of justice, There’s more to Cavill than he can say, after all, so Gunn and Safran show their intent to continue trusting Gadot in DC’s future.

Still 'Shazam! wrath of the gods

a hero who needs a sequel

Let’s assume that Dwayne Johnson isn’t returning as Black Adam. It’s not that the revenue of the film of the same name has improved: it’s that the star has tried to falsify the profits against Warners to show that making a sequel could be profitable, causing a rift in their relationship. It is possible This implies that we have to forget about A Foreigner between Black Adam and Shazam.

It’s funny because originally Black Adam was going to be the villain of the first Shazam!, and at the last minute the producers thought Johnson’s character deserved a film entirely to himself. One of the many missteps in the DC Universe (and there are many reasons why it’s such a joy to keep track of), but let’s focus on Shazam itself for now. Is it reasonable to expect to see him again in the Gunn and Safran saga?

The same fury of the gods raises some doubts. Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer And others are on the rise, so that the game of alter egos like superheroes is losing more and more sense. It doesn’t sound like a long term bet, and is actually the movie of david f sandberg At one point plays along with the belief that Shazam is dead. But in the end nothing, thanks to Wonder Woman, is still alive and kicking.

The entire cast of 'The Peacemaker'
The entire cast of ‘The Peacemaker’
hbo max

Let’s go back to the post-credits scenes. mr mind’s talk and mark strong There is a link with a supposed third party that we shouldn’t take seriously (they already had a similar scene Shazam! and that got us nowhere), but the minute that has to do with Emilia Harcourt (jennifer holland) and John Economicos (steve edge) are somewhat more interesting. They both want to recruit Shazam into their team.

team of peacemaker, Not exactly, but he also answers to Amanda Waller (Viola Davis): Is Justice Society of Americawhich appeared in black adam (Gloops) and whose derivative character Levi’s superhero puts into Soulfa. What’s the point of two teams having names like that, it’s another Justice League? Well, maybe, that first Zack Snyder can breathe alien to.

shazam crossed paths characters suicide squadFor Gunn, that means he’s safe: as much can be said about Superman, Wonder Woman or Aquaman (let’s put this aside about The Flash so our heads don’t hurt). If Gunn and Safran want to give Justice Society more presence (without needing them to face Johnson again), Shazam could be a part of it.

amanda waller is behind it
amanda waller is behind it
Warner Bros.

Is there a Justice Society movie scheduled? No, but keeping the relationship with Waller shows Gunn wants a second season peacemaker as a spin-off centering on the character of Viola Davis. And here we have the key: yes fury of the gods does not work at the box office and the sequel is dropped, the ground has been sown so that Levi can appear in both peacemaker as imaginary Waller, Your future may be on HBO Max.

Since the Snyderverse has never been completely ruled out, it’s still hard to see how the Snyderverse project fits in here. Superman: Legacy, maybe the answer is inside Glowand in a multiverse framework that guarantees the co-existence of a Superman who is not Cavill, a Batman who is Robert Pattinson and there’s a clown Joaquin Phoenix Along with the same timeline that extends its tentacles into streaming.

It sounds complicated, but when does it feel any different when it comes to DC?

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