Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach: it was their magical wedding that was broadcast on national television

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Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach became one of the most solid couples in the middle of the show. Until the death of the Argentine actress in February 2019,

The famous actors’ couple married on February 3, 1986, in a church in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. Their wedding was the first celebrity wedding to be broadcast on national television.

as expected The incident created quite a stir among the couple’s fans Before that ceremony there was a series of inconveniences that nearly prevented him from going to his special appointment.

In an interview he gave on the program “The minute that changed my destiny” with Gustavo Adolfo InfanteHumberto Zurita recounts the details of his wedding day and how he arrived at the church in a car he had not chosen to surprise his beloved.

“A friend of my elder brother gave us a Rolls Royce from the 20s which he also gave us his driver as he did not want anyone to drive it. We were in that car and we couldn’t get there, ”the actor explained, apparently because of the excitement of seeing celebrities at the altar causing traffic chaos in the area.

“There were ambulances, firefighters, they asked what happened: ‘No, it’s that Zuritas and Christian are getting married,’ I told them it was us: ‘Can’t they open the way for us?’ And no, they took us in a Volkswagen, it was a bochito ”, Story.

Once he reached the shrine, the actor pointed out that it was impossible for the people who had gathered to enter through the main gate, so they had to enter from the back.

“We arrived in the back and our wedding started in the back as we entered through the sacristy and Christian was wearing a beautiful dress that Ernesto Alonso had given her”He mentioned.

Humberto Zurita also mentioned that at one point during the ceremony Christian Bach felt disappointed because she could not wear her beautiful white dress as she wished, Because of the onlookers around him.

Big celebrities became witnesses of their marriage

The 68-year-old actor recalled his and Christian’s displays of affection on their wedding day And not just from those who admired him but also from the great entertainment personalities who witnessed the moment he joined the lady of his life.

“I’m grateful because he was my god in a marriage and in my work :eRenesto Alonso who was our godfather and protector on television, Manolo Fabregas, Carmen Montejo, Silvia Pinal, very important person. We made good friends and he was our sponsor.

Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach were married for 33 years until the death of the actress., They had two children together, Sebastian and Emiliano, who also followed their parents’ footsteps into acting.

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