ICv2: US manga sales to increase by 9% in 2022

Manga sales from comic book stores increased by 12.5%

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Media news website ICv2 reported on Thursday that manga sales are set to see a 9% annual increase in 2022 in the United States. Manga sales from comic book stores increased by 12.5%.

The website’s analysis is based on data from NPD BookScan and ComicHub, the POS system for the Comic Store channel.

Beat reported that 2021 saw a 171.1% increase in manga sales compared to the previous year. NPD BookScan’s graphic novel sales data for 2021 found that the manga subcategory made up 76.71% of the volumes sold in the adult fiction category. The difference in figures was due to a difference in classification.

NPD BookScan collects weekly point-of-sale data on print books from more than 16,000 locations, including e-retailers, chains, mass merchandisers, independent bookstores and more. NPD BookScan covers approximately 85% of the US trade print book market. Ranks on this chart are based on sales of the pieces. Some publishers classify titles that are primarily text or art books as graphic novels; ICv2 removes those titles from the rankings.

Source: ICv2 (Milton Gripp, Brigid Alverson)

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