In Traveling With Chester, Carlos Lettre explains why he was separated from his wife for two years

The Suena judge in Tu Cara has been with his wife of more than two decades, Yolanda Marcos

carlos lettre passed by the couch travel with chester In its delivery issued on Tuesday, March 14. comedians spoke in place of Four about your relationship with your wife, yolanda marcosAnd explained why they had been apart for a long time: “We’ve been together for twenty years. we spent two and a half years apart And then we got back together.”

Risto Majide He was shocked to learn this detail: “How is that? I don’t know anyone who has been away for two years and come back.” The guest said, “That’s crazy.” He then looked back and noted that their romance began when he was very young: “I started martian chronicles At 19 and at that age, more or less, I started with him. She was older than me, head of news radio spain,

The copycat explained: “She had an established life, she was going to get married, she had a fixed apartment, a stable relationship… The little boy comes and i ruined his life“. In addition, he pointed out that he was not yet popular: “He was not yet famous. My fame faltered a lot… First there were the characters and then who was behind them. It took 10 years for me to be recognised.”

The interviewer explained the reason for their separation: “i didn’t know how to be, They grew up on television and as a couple in person, under the umbrella of martian chronicles and in the shadow of yolandaThose who were older than me, more mature than me and they taught me a lot. Well, almost everything. I had to wake up one morning and decide what I want to do, do whatever comes to my mind. it wasn’t his thing it was my case,

return to his wife

carlos lettre remembered in travel with chester When they got back together he and his partner talked about what they didn’t like about each other, including details that seemed small: “Shit is followed by shit. a backpack that’s unbearableHe continued to highlight: “I believe a couple is two individuals who decide to be together. If you cancel me as a person or impose something on me, then from my point of view there is no such thing as a couple. It’s a silent, personal, love pact… but it’s a contractafter all.”

judge of your face is familiar to me He praised his wife for understanding that she needed time: “But that’s what it’s like to put yourself in the other person’s place to stop thinking about yourself. It’s mutual. it was an act of kindnessof understanding, of maturity … and here we are”.

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