‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate’ isn’t a return to the saga’s best adventures either, but it does provide a fun and exciting farewell to the hero played by Harrison Ford (Cannes Film Festival 2023).

Thank you Indy, I love you so much. But don’t come back now, please.

It may sound sad but the indie that changed adventure movies died out in the 80s. We have to face it. Beyond the Age of “Our” Hero Incarnated Harrison Fordthe new one ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate’ Confirms that times have changed, as Bob Dylan said, in the current Hollywood cinema there is another language and other ways to communicate with the public and sell tickets. actually not much Steven Spielberg He was able to replicate his own recipe in the fourth installment, ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’.

damn nostalgia

A film that, despite being the director of the previous three adventures and the creator of the saga, did not george lucas, I think the attacks were excessive and unfair (as Ford pointed out, this was to point out to the creators, Spielberg and Lucas, what Indiana Jones is and isn’t); I was entertained, although I admit it left me with a bitter aftertaste, surely the result of unrealistic expectations and poorly managed nostalgia. 15 years later I stumble again on the same stone, more or less, although here it is clear Spielberg and Lucas are missing,

Not that ‘Indiana Jones 5’ has fallen into the wrong hands that far. The film is directed by Credential james mangold, an expert filmmaker with classic tastes in cinema but adaptable to new times. This was demonstrated in the remake of ‘The 3:10 Train’ (‘3:10 to Yuma’) or ‘Logan’, one of the few superhero movies so appreciated that they defied gender prejudices to win over audiences. The barrier has been crossed. and critics.

It was expected that ‘The Dial of Destiny’ would be the ‘Logan’ of ‘Indie’, especially after statements from Ford announcing its archaeologist farewell, but it’s not like that. I’ll read the script when it’s available but for now I bet the main problem is there. It’s either that or a problem shoot, and I find that unlikely with this rig. Let us tell you that ‘Indie 5’ is being talked about since 2015 and the project was officially announced in 2016. spielberg director and David Kopp as a screenwriter

In 2020, Spielberg drops out of the project, Mangold moves up and there is a change of writers: Koepp leaves and he himself. fodder beet takes care of the script as well Jez and John-Henry Butterworth, his teammate at ‘Le Mans’66 (‘Ford v Ferrari’). Koepp admits his work didn’t convince Spielberg and that maybe the final script directed by Mangold is wonderful (again, I haven’t read it). But put these statements away. george lucas,

“It’s very difficult to make a good McGuffin, which in our case It must be a supernatural object of an archaeological nature that is real or that people believe to be real, This is in contrast to all the copies that have been mass-produced since Raiders of the Lost Ark. [‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’], ranging from invented and imaginary items. You can’t invent something like a time machine. [Indiana Jones] it’s not about that. These are supernatural mysteries, not action adventures where you have no historical or archaeological context.”

in search of the lost macguffin

‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate’ begins with a sequence set during the end of World War II, which brings us back to the saga’s most characteristic battle: Indy against the Nazis. A long introduction in the style of the OO7 saga where the digital rejuvenation work done on Ford stands out, action packed, frenetic pace So Absurdly You Won’t Know If You’re Watching ‘Looney Tunes’ Now, And It Feels Like We’ve Been Cast A lazy and shoddy plot excuse, doomed to failure,

The opening shows that the people responsible for this fifth installment didn’t heed the criticism of the fourth as they went back to one of the aspects that was criticized the most: Misuse of VFX and CGI Instead of resorting to practical effects as much as possible. Tom Cruise and Christopher Nolan, to give two examples, is better understood. The movie-going public wants the action to feel real, or at least as real as money can buy (and here Disney is).

In ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ we had prairie dogs and other digital animals; Ford’s young face stands out among the past scenes in ‘El Dial del Destino’. Although this trick works in some shots, I think it is a mistake to show it in close-up and with so much light because then we realize that something is strange, a the passive gaze, an artificial look that provokes disapproval and breaks the spell, It’s a real relief when the camera focuses on a real face and the difference is even more noticeable.

Another detail I disliked in that first sequence (it happens more often) is the use of the legendary Indiana Jones musical leitmotif. john williams, undoubtedly one of the other pillars of the saga. It plays at an opportune time following the success of one of the protagonist’s many impossible missions, but in the image you do not see Harrison Ford, but a “digital double” walking on top of a train as if he is Cartoon, Noticing this, I dropped out of the movie, and then I understood that everything was going to fall short if I quickly accepted the reality that I pointed out at the beginning of the lesson. This Indiana Jones is not “mine”.

A parenthesis with a brief personal reference. I was so excited when I sat down in my seat at the Lumiere Theatre, this was the film I was most looking forward to seeing, not only at the Cannes Film Festival but in the whole of 2023. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was in my top 10 for many years., I recorded it on a VHS tape and I watched it nonstop, it was like a treasure (the first few minutes were missing because I recorded it late due to a newspaper error and I think it has always helped me) Affected attraction). ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ came later, I like it that way. And of course I really enjoyed the cinema with ‘The Last Crusade’. When Indy returned to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he was not the same… and neither was I.

‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate’, a popcorn movie with an 80-year-old hero

After the opening sequence, Mangold takes us back to 1969 to see how our heroes have aged. Despite his 80 years, Ford has the courage to take off his shirt in front of the whole world to show that he is in good shapeOr at least, enough for one last adventure. Retired, lonely, bitter with guilt, Jones understands that his time is up… and it could make for a more interesting film but several characters from the past reappear and Jones must again fight the Nazis around the world. forced to save.

I must say that the film is fun, it has hilarious phrases about the villains and witty statements, which together with the effective work of the cast make the whole thing enjoyable and its duration of almost two and a half hours is not noticeable. For me The best part of the film is its dose of humor and the work of Harrison Ford, which leaves a very exciting ending., Like I said, the rest of the cast complies, but sometimes you can tell they don’t really know what they’re doing or don’t have interesting characters to show.

Looks like James Mangold is wasting his talent Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge or Antonio Banderas (I love his lines in Spanish, especially: “Not a word for these Nazis, Indy“) but what does it do with Boyd Holbrook he’s embarrassing and incomprehensible (he directed her in ‘Logan’); He is reduced to a simple clumsy minion. Once again, if the idea was to give Indiana Jones 5 a cartoon-like feel, perhaps an animated version should have been made, in whole or in part, as Spielberg adapted the ‘Tintin’ comic.

‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate’ isn’t at Cannes for an 8:30 a.m. press screening, I’ll watch it again when it opens in theaters. It should do well at the box office as it’s still a big star-studded Hollywood production, with frenetic action, great visuals, funny moments and enough references to keep fans happy, or at least entertained for as long as That rebuttal doesn’t remind them. Harrison Ford is a movie legend,

By the way, I am very curious to know how the public will react to the last part of the film; A crazy concept that could pass as genius or a disaster. well, you will tell me.

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