Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon?

Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon
Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon

Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon: Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a popular anime series that has been gaining a lot of attention in the anime community. One of the main questions that many fans have been asking is whether or not Super Dragon Ball Heroes is considered canon. Canon refers to the official storyline and continuity of a series, and it is important for fans to understand whether or not the events in Super Dragon Ball Heroes are considered part of the official Dragon Ball universe.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has caused quite a stir in the anime world, captivating audiences with its rising popularity. Yet, amongst the enthusiasm, a burning question remains: Are Super Dragon Ball Heroes considered canon?

Canonicity is a crucial aspect for fans, as it defines the authenticity and continuity of the series. While some enthusiasts contend that the innovative storyline and characters of Super Dragon Ball Heroes place it outside the realm of canon, others argue that it is a legitimate continuation of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Ultimately, the verdict of canonicity rests in the hands of the masterminds behind the series and its official licensors. But even with its status up in the air, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a necessary viewing experience for Dragon Ball fans, delivering a distinct and thrilling adventure.

What is Super Dragon Ball Heroes?

Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon

The spin-off sensation, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, ignites enthusiasm among fans of the beloved Dragon Ball franchise, despite its non-canon status. Yet, this should encourage everyone to delve into its captivating realm. Embark on a journey with Goku and the legendary Z-fighters as they confront formidable foes in a parallel universe unlike any seen before.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes introduces audiences to an unparalleled storyline, complete with new characters and events not found in the original series. One such character is Fu, the potent villain who serves as the centrepiece of the series’ action-packed battles.

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These encounters are a feast for the eyes as the characters unleash their most powerful techniques and abilities, making Super Dragon Ball Heroes the epitome of high-octane anime battles.

In addition to the anime series, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes card game is a massive hit among fans. Players can collect and trade unique cards featuring characters and abilities from the series. The game requires strategy and skill as players build their decks and compete against others. The card game is a testament to the lasting appeal of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Critics may argue that Super Dragon Ball Heroes is not part of the official Dragon Ball universe, but that should maintain the excitement and unique experience it offers to fans. So, immerse yourself in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes world and discover why it is a must-watch for fans of the Dragon Ball franchise.

What is Super Dragon Ball Heroes story?

Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon

“Super Dragon Ball Heroes” spins a tale of cosmic proportions, where Goku and Vegeta are unexpectedly whisked away to an alternate reality by the god-like entity known as Fu. Unveiling his diabolical scheme of manipulating time and space to establish his rule as the supreme deity, the two legendary warriors embark on a quest to gather a formidable army of warriors from across different dimensions and timelines.

At the forefront of this noble cause stands Goku and Vegeta, accompanied by Trunks: Xeno – a version of Trunks from another timeline, also brought to this parallel universe by Fu. The team must harness their might and combine their abilities to stop Fu’s evil machinations.

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The journey is far from easy, as they come face to face with powerful versions of infamous villains like Frieza and Cell, new threats like Fu himself – the series’s primary antagonist – and the enigmatic Jiren.

Adding to the excitement, the series introduces a unique card game mechanic where characters can use special cards to unleash devastating attacks and abilities, elevating the battles to new heights of strategic gameplay.

As they navigate through different realities and delve into themes of fate and destiny, the heroes forge bonds with their counterparts from other timelines and discover the true meaning of unity in the face of adversity. Together, they must overcome the odds and defeat Fu, for the universe’s fate rests in their hands.


Is Dragon Ball Heroes after Super?

Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon

Dragon Ball Heroes and Super Dragon Ball Heroes, though both part of the beloved Dragon Ball franchise, are not to be mistaken for direct continuations of the highly acclaimed Dragon Ball Super series. While Dragon Ball Super serves as a direct sequel to the Dragon Ball Z series, the former two are instead spin-off series that unfold in their own parallel universes, distinct from the official Dragon Ball continuity.

But, don’t be fooled! Just because they are non-canon doesn’t mean they lack worth. Dragon Ball Heroes, both the anime and card game, presents a unique and thrilling experience for fans, showcasing characters and events not present in the official Dragon Ball universe. As for Super Dragon Ball Heroes, it too stands on its own, with its own distinct story, characters, and events.

To put it simply, Dragon Ball Heroes and Super Dragon Ball Heroes are not to be considered as direct sequels to Dragon Ball Super. Instead, they offer fans a tantalizing look into the larger Dragon Ball multiverse, filled with new adventures, characters, and exciting twists.

How long are Dragon Ball Heroes Episodes?

The episodes in the highly-acclaimed Dragon Ball Heroes anime series are quite distinctive regarding their runtime. According to the official source, these episodes typically clock in at a mere 5 minutes, leaving from the typical anime format that generally lasts anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes.

This short and sweet format is a defining hallmark of Dragon Ball Heroes, providing a fast-paced and exhilarating viewing experience that is easy to consume. Perfect for fans who want to stay up to date on the latest episodes or have limited time for anime indulgence.

The short episode length also allows for a more frequent release schedule, with new episodes being released every week. This keeps the series fresh and engaging for fans, who can look forward to new episodes every week.

Is Dragon Ball Heroes Official?

The legitimacy of Dragon Ball Heroes is a debate among fans of the iconic anime franchise. While it is true that this spin-off series and accompanying card game boasts a cast of characters and storylines not present in the original Dragon Ball anime, it is widely regarded as a non-canonical addition to the franchise. 

Despite its popularity and widespread appeal, the official licensors of Dragon Ball have deemed it unworthy of being considered a part of the official continuity. Whether one chooses to accept Dragon Ball Heroes as part of the franchise, its unique flavour and distinctive narrative style have made it a fan favourite in its own right.

Dragon Ball Heroes vs Dragon Ball GT

The Dragon Ball franchise boasts two popular spin-off anime series, Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball GT. Although both feature characters from the original Dragon Ball, these two series unfold distinct storylines and showcase varied animation styles, appealing to diverse audiences. 

Dragon Ball Heroes, a non-canonical anime inspired by its eponymous video game, takes us on a journey with Goku and Vegeta as they confront formidable foes from various timelines. The animation style echoes the video game’s flair, inundating the viewer with flashy action scenes and one-of-a-kind character designs. 

Contrarily, Dragon Ball GT, considered a part of the Dragon Ball canon, narrates the tale of Goku, transformed into a child by the Black Star Dragon Balls, who sets out on a quest to retrieve the Dragon Balls and regain his original form. The series showcases a more conventional animation style and familiar characters from the original Dragon Ball. 

Both Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball GT have their unique selling points; Dragon Ball Heroes, with its fast-paced action and innovative character designs, and Dragon Ball GT, known for its captivating storytelling and character progression. The choice between these two spin-off series boils down to individual tastes.

 Dragon Ball Heroes may be the perfect fit if you crave high-octane action and eclectic character designs. But if you relish traditional animation and an engaging storyline, Dragon Ball GT is the way to go. 

In conclusion, both Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball GT are a treat for Dragon Ball fans, and the final decision to watch one or the other rests on personal preferences. Whichever one you choose, be prepared for an exhilarating ride of adventures and intense battles.

Final Thoughts: Is Dragon Ball Heroes Canon?

In conclusion, Dragon Ball Heroes is not considered to be part of the official canon in the Dragon Ball franchise. The series is based on a video game and features a non-canonical storyline, unique character designs, and flashy action scenes. While it is not considered to be part of the official canon, it is still a popular and enjoyable series for fans of the Dragon Ball franchise. It is important to note that the events and characters of Dragon Ball Heroes does not affect the official Dragon Ball Canon, but it can be considered as an alternate reality or a parallel universe. It is a way for the fans to enjoy new adventures with familiar characters.

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