Is Lina Tejero Dating ‘El Mindo’? a photo would have given them away

The actress Lina Tejeiro, who did not want to indicate her emotional state again as a result of the failure of her romance with the singer Juan Duque, a courtship that lasted only a few months, once again aroused the interest of her follower yesterday afternoon, a mysterious After posting the picture.

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It was a letter that read: “The unexpected is what changes your life” and signed ‘Armando’, which gave rise to a series of doubts and questions among the followers of the duo, because of the image of the card below. , some flowers appear and a hamburger box can be seen, similar to the brand of the influential ‘El Mindo’, named Armando.

But it doesn’t end there, both Lina and ‘El Mindo’ published some tweets that reveal what they are up to. First the actress wrote “A hamburger fixes everything”:

Later ‘El Mindo’ wrote “love enters through the stomach”, to which many of the duo’s followers began to relate them.

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Although neither of them has given much indication of a possible romance, nor have they come out to deny the rumor that is being spread on social networks, many internet users confirm that it is all Could be a marketing strategy, as for many they are just friends and Armando would have an official relationship with another woman.

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