Is Robin Miller Being Killed?

Accident Spoilers follow.

Accident aired the most shocking cliffhanger of the year so far, because Robin Miller’s happy ending just came crashing down. Literally.

Saturday night’s episode (11 March) saw the nurse complete her final shift in the ED after a decade, deciding to move to Wigan with partner Paul and daughter Charlotte.

Unfortunately, Robin’s last day at Holby doesn’t turn out as expected, thanks to ongoing problems with boss Jacob.


As Robin celebrates treating her last patient at the hospital, she is thrown a curveball when Jacob asks her to stay a few more hours.

Despite her doubts, Robin takes pity on the stressed-out Jacob—especially after learning that a major incident has occurred at the fairgrounds—and agrees.

jacob walked all day flapping wings among his team due to his controversial decisions and refusal to bring in agency employees.

max, casualty


After keeping Robin on shift longer than intended, Jacob interrupts her going-away party to drive the rest of the nurses away.

Jacob explains that a major incident has occurred, and he needs all hands on deck, once again dismissing David’s questions about bringing in additional help.

The final straw for Robin came when she publicly criticized him for overriding her instructions regarding a patient’s boyfriend.

max, casualty


Fed up with Jacob’s sudden lack of empathy, Robin finally stands up to him over his lack of empathy, but is devastated when Charlie fails to support her.

Hurt that she had given so much to the hospital, and had so little in return, Robin leaves the ED under a cloud.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last we saw of him. Not long after, paramedics learned that there was an RTA nearby, but they had no ambulance to send to the scene due to the ongoing chaos in the ED.

The episode’s closing moments revealed that Robin was involved in the accident in question, with his life now hanging in the balance.

Paul, Casualty


Next week’s Top Secret scenes will explore the aftermath as Robin is taken into the ED in a dangerous condition.

While spoilers for the episode are scarce, a familiar face holby city He is brought in to help revive her. Kellar and Darwin Ward are still on Holbeavers Holby ending last March, and fans who have been keeping a close eye on the latest Accident The trailer reveals that Sacha Levi is the returning character in question. But will he be able to save Robin, or is the ED about to lose one of its own?

Sacha Levy, Casualty


It remains to be seen but loyalties are called into question as the team reaches breaking point in high-stakes scenes that could change everything.

Meanwhile, Faith makes a horrifying discovery as her ongoing storyline with Elsie continues.

Accident These scenes will be broadcast on BBC One on Saturday, 18 March. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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