Is there an after credits scene in Scream 6?

latest installment of the Scream The franchise is finally coming to the theaters just over a year after the last film. Scream VI It was reviewed first after its premiere in New York. This marks the second time that directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are at the helm of the franchise, following the passing of creator Wes Craven in 2015. by fans and critics alike, with this latest the Scream Being called one of the best films in the franchise. They have also brought something new with the introduction of the post-credits scene.

The franchise largely follows the residents of Woodsboro, California, who regularly become haunted by a revolving door of killers who don the iconic Ghostface mask. Most of the films typically focus on a trio of legacy characters made up of original victim Sidney Prescott, outspoken reporter Gale Weathers, and beloved police chief Dewey Riley. However, following the major introduction and death in the previous film, only Courteney Cox is confirmed to appear in Glee. Scream VI, The film also skips Woodsboro and, for the first time, relocates the cast to New York City, where another Ghostface shows up to terrorize the victims, proving that the killer’s identity doesn’t always have its roots in Woodsboro. . However, this change in location isn’t the only change in the franchise.

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Scream 6 has a post-credits scene

Another major change is in the format of the film itself. In his quintessential reference style, Scream VI Marks the franchise’s first experiment with post-credits scenes. It’s important to note that this one post-credits scene isn’t a Marvel Cinematic Universe-style teaser, but a comical nod to hardcore fans. Still, its inclusion opens the door for more post-credits scenes in the future. the Scream installment.

This post-credits sequence fits perfectly with a franchise that has developed a quintessential, referential tone. Post-credits scenes have featured prominently in large-scale superhero franchises such as the MCU or the DC Universe. While these are typically used to tease future plot points, characters, or movies, Marvel has also included moments that are more amusing than suspenseful. For a franchise that often balances satire and horror, the latter is certainly better of use. Scream VI,

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What to expect in Scream 6

In addition to Gale, Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby Reed returned to the franchise after her fan-favorite character was brutally injured. scream 4, Additionally, Melissa Barrera’s Sam, Jenna Ortega’s Tara, and twins Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin are re-emerging as the new faces of the franchise, who will be at the forefront of Ghostface’s latest reign of terror. The film’s teasers seem to indicate that this iteration of Ghostface is different from the rest, playing into the difference in the change of scenery. And it appears that the latest plot revolves around a Ghostface temple in New York City, perhaps hinting that a stab (parody of in-universe the Scream franchise) will appear as the latest in a lineage of radical masked killers.

However, this is not the first time the franchise has moved out of Woodsboro. scream 3 most notably in Hollywood Sydney, Gayle and Dewey were found on a film set of the latest stab installment, where he partnered with the actors playing their characters. Similarly, the latest movement of the Scream The franchise will undoubtedly serve as a way to amplify the meta and self-referential elements of the franchise that have become hallmarks of its genre. While the previous film drew criticism from the legacy sequels and online fan communities that now dominate Hollywood filmmaking, Scream VI Will undoubtedly target the current state of horror and filmmaking in its typically seedy fashion.

Scream VI is in theaters now, featuring the franchise’s first-ever post-credits sequence.

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