Is there no marriage anymore? Mateo Carvajal introduces the new “boyfriend” of Stephanie Ruiz – Publicatro Colombia

Mathieu Carvajal Looks like they have a new “rival” in sight Another man has set his sights on his fiancee, businesswoman Stephanie RuizExplaining his claims and openly stating that she is his girlfriend and he has evidence on hand to prove it, literally.

The winner of the Super Human Challenge in 2017 had been courting his partner for a few months after starring in several romantic scenes in Paris and Barcelona, ​​fueling speculation that an engagement ring was on the way. In. But after a few weeks, the recurring theme cooled off a bit.

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However, as February began, Mateo Carvajal surprised Colombian viewers by officially proposing to his girlfriend during the broadcast of the program “Buen Dia Colombia” with the help of figures present in the studio.

And although Ruiz said yes to his proposal, it looks like a gentleman has decided to enter the scene to dispute the businesswoman’s affections: Salvador, son of Mateo Carvajal with Melina Ramirez,

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The influencer, via an Instagram story She recorded her son when he very mischievously remarked that he was Stephanie’s boyfriend and had proof in hand since he was wearing an engagement ring. of the young woman, so she felt she had every right to be Ruiz’s companion.

Given this statement, Mateo Carvajal did not hesitate to take the ring from his son, play with it and tickle it to be able to take it easily.

In another story, he reveals that he couldn’t pull it off, so he distracted it and Mateo snatched it out of his hands as soon as the little boy trusted him. However, the boy tried to fight for her but failed.

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