Isabel Preysler speaks out about Tamara Falco’s dress controversy

Tamara Falco and Inigo Oniwa have less than two months left to say ‘yes, I want’. The link is scheduled for July 8 in El Rincón, but how could it be otherwise, preparations for the celebration have not been without controversy. It came to light this week that the firm to which Falco entrusted her wedding dress, sophie et voila, he broke off their employment relationship, in accordance with the demands of the Marquesa de Griñón, according to his version. This Saturday, Isabel Preysler, accompanied by Tamara and Ana Boyer, arrived at the wedding of Lucia Dominguez Vega-Peniquet and Álvaro Gomis and talked about the controversy.

Duchess of Grinnon told this week anthill His own version of what would have happened to her wedding dress. Space presenter Pablo Motos said, “There is a national alarm, you are without a wedding dress.” “We started with these designers and I had a dress in mind that I had seen a long time ago,” he began, assuring that a design left by his sister Ana for her wedding was in his memory. remains in That design remained in Tamara’s memory, and she wanted it for her wedding. According to him, things went wrong when he told inside anthill and said that he had “an inspiration”, something the designers didn’t exactly like.

Tamara Falco reappears in 'El Hormiguero' after ditching her wedding dress for her next wedding

Tamara Falco reappears in ‘El Hormiguero’ after being ripped out of her wedding dress for her wedding


“I wasn’t going to get married in a dress I didn’t like,” she said. “I had a one-year image contract with them, extendable for two years. I didn’t pay for the wedding dress, I only charged for the contract,” she explained. “I’ve had great lawyers who said if I don’t like the dress then I don’t have to marry him,” she said. Now the Marchioness is looking for a new dress, although there are many who suggest that she may have chosen the firm of Cristina Herrera.

This Saturday, Isabel Preysler arrived with her two daughters at the wedding of Lucia Domínguez Vega-Penichet and Álvaro Gomis. There, beaming wide, the trio proved to be extremely calm, despite the dress controversy that caused quite a stir this week. europe press He wanted to ask the “Queen of Hearts” about this controversy and answer some questions about the topic of the moment.

At the wedding of Isabel Presler and Tamara Falco

Isabel Presler and Tamara Falco at this Saturday’s wedding


With a reassuring attitude, Isabel assured the media that everything was “okay” and that her daughter was at ease after the inconvenience at her wedding ceremony. Beyond that, he wanted to send a message to everyone who has been assured this week that Tamara’s marriage is doomed. Once again he stepped forward to protect one of his daughters from gossip.

first statement

Isabel Preysler assures “no problem” after dress controversy

A few days earlier, Falco told Pablo Motos that her mother did not like the dress she designed for the wedding. Now she confirms that it’s not that she didn’t like it, but that it didn’t feel fair to her daughter. She confirmed to the press that she was not the only one around the Marquise who thought so. “No, not everyone liked it,” he said. europe press, Furthermore, after statements that the marriage could be estranged, he added: “What’s going to be estranged?” On the other hand, he assured that Falco is “happy and calm” with two months to go before the wedding.

In the end, Preisler wanted to downplay the issue of the costume, assuring that “Nothing, no problem.” And it is that these days there has been a great alarm about the lack of wedding dresses for brides… something that may not be real, since it is assumed that Falco’s mind is already fixed Could This way, Preisler would come out and talk about the topic of the week.

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